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10 Best Pokemon Fan Games – Free Games For 2021



Pokemon Fan Game

Are you looking for Pokemon fan games for free? From Pokemon companies to fan-made creations, there is a multitude of Pokemon games spread across many platforms. 

For years, Pokemon has captured the mind and hearts of its fans. There are numerous Pokemon fan-made free games, packed with features, characters, and adventures. 

It has been our favorite game and die-hard fans made sure that the legacy continues. While waiting for new releases, Pokemon fan-made games are worthy too.

For those who do not want to wait for new releases, here is the list of some best Pokemon games which you can play for free! 

  • Pokemon Showdown

For those who want to create their very own Pokemon team, try this awesome fan-created battle simulator game- Pokemon Showdown. This game is hugely popular amongst Pokemon fans.

It provides the ultimate competitive battle simulator. It also allows one to chat with fellow players about the best battle strategies. 

For those who dream of a battle simulator, your best option would be Pokemon Showdown.

  • Pokemon Insurgence

The Pokemon Insurgence game has an engaging story. It takes the stunning 2D art style present during the SoulSilver and the Heart Gold games.

This game leads you on a journey through a whole new Pokemon region called Torrent. It has existing features as the original Pokemon games such as secret bases and challenging modes and brand new mega evolutions such as Flygon. 

Do you love playing in difficult modes? Then Pokemon Insurgence is worth playing. It also has an extensive endgame.  

  • Pokemon Planet

Due to its classic nostalgic assets and open-world capabilities, the Pokemon Planet fan game is on our list. This game is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).

This sprawling 2D open-world game is created with original sprite assets from the mainline and classic generation 1, 2, and 3 games. This game allows hundreds to catch, train and battle Pokemon.

It has brand new features such as clans, which have never been seen before. It has also added new areas and features the original regions.

Those who want an open-world massive multiplayer experience will definitely love Pokemon Planet.

  • Pokemon Uranium

One of the well-known Pokemon games on the internet is Pokemon Uranium. This fan-created game was started in the year 2016. 

Even though the game lost its support before, the fans brought it back to life by developing it. Now it is one of the most popular games due to its originality.

It allows its fans to explore an entire region called Tandor and consists of 150 brand new Pokemons. It has a challenge mode for its players such as Nuzlocke and also features a new nuclear type.

If you’re looking for a Pokemon game using new assets and sprites that rivals the main series games, then Pokemon Uranium is a true labor of love for any true Pokemon fan.

  • Pokemon Phoenix Rising

One of the most ambitious fan-made games ever is the Pokemon Phoenix Rising. It changes up the mechanics of the whole campaign. 

The Skyrim-style skill trees, a choice-driven plot, and a traditional RPG quest system make this game unique. Its beautifully new designed Mega Evolutions and Relic Forms are just stunning. 

  • Pokemon Vortex

Pokemon Vortex is a classic fan game, created in 1999, and is originally known as Pokemon Crater. It is a vast open-world game.

It features gameplay mechanics from the main series games and takes original sprites. It allows you to battle NPC’s and online players. 

Be it through battles or filling up Pokedex, it allows them to compete with other players in order to become the top trainer. It also adds new typings and forms and tasks to catch over 2000 Pokemons. 

  • Pokemon Godra

Pokemon Godra is a popular fan-made ROM game. It is a quality game that spans generations of Pokemon.

From being a War Party Leader, a Safari Zone Warden, or a Military General, it has various series of career paths for your trainer. There are Western and Eastern halves of Godra available with this particular version of the Pokemon fan game. Here you’ll find multiple storylines and quests; an absolute treat to all Pokemon lovers!

  • Pokemon Dark Rising

For many years Pokemon Dark Rising has been played by many. If you’re an ambitious Pokemon fan then this game is worth trying.

With new features, skills, and items, it has 386 Pokemons in total. It also allows the players to visit the first five regions. 

Because of its popularity, it has spawned two direct sequels. For those looking for real challenges, it has introduced Kaizo versions too. 

It feels like the Dark Souls of Pokemon. The rival battles and the random encounters will blow your mind and get you addicted.

  • Pokemon Reborn

Pokemon Reborn isn’t a ROM, rather it is an entirely new game created by an RPG maker. It is a desktop game with much more fun.

The high-resolution sprites, custom Pokemon, an enormous world to explore, a plethora of vibrant colors, and 55 hours of gameplay, will leave you hanging by a thread. The world around you is crumbling and crime is everywhere. 

Doesn’t that sound interesting? It doesn’t end here, as you will enter a world filled with acidic water and black smog. And above all, you’re the hero.

  • Pokemon Adventures Red Chapter

Pokemon Adventures Red Chapter is an inspiration for the Pokemon manga. The game has events of manga with additions of severity typically unseen in official titles.

It features Pokemon from the first seven generations. It also features Shadow Pokemon, fusions, and beta designs.

Throughout the narrative, you will find characters from the anime as well as Jessie, Ash, Meowth, James, and others too. 

For those looking for an increased level cap, the Pokemon Adventures Red Chapter is worth your time as it goes from the traditional 100 all the way to 225. 

Therefore, the internet is full of Pokemon-free fan-made games. Every Pokemon fan loves something different about Pokemon.

If you are the one who wants a real Pokemon game for free, these above-mentioned fan-made games will make you experience something new. It’s time to start your Pokemon fan journey!