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5 Things Graphic Designers Should Look for in a PC

Lenovo PCs for graphic designing

Graphic designers work with sophisticated and demanding programs, and, if you don’t know how to buy a PC, you might end up with a largely useless and possibly very expensive machine. Thankfully, you don’t necessarily need to be an IT expert to know what a good computer for graphic design should look like. You can get an idea of whether the computer in front of you will be good enough by checking a handful of specs. Here are some of the things graphic designers should look for when shopping for a PC.

Laptop vs PC

The first thing you need to assess is whether you’re going to buy a laptop or a desktop. Go with a laptop if you need to perform tasks on the go. Even if you want to be able to show work to clients or other people on your team, you don’t necessarily need a laptop. You could get a much more powerful desktop for the same price or get a comparable machine for less. Think about how much work you’ll need to do out of your house.

The Processor

When people think of graphic design, they will often assume that the graphics card will be the most important, but the CPU will be doing most of the lifting. Image editing tools are more taxing on the processor than they are on the GPU, as GPUs are more for moving objects and 3D imaging.

If you want to run programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, or Sketch, you should look for a machine that has at least a 3ghz CPU with four to eight threads. The minimum requirements for these programs might be lower, but you will be thankful you got a slightly more powerful machine. If you’re looking for computers that can handle everything you need, you need Lenovo PCs for graphic designing.


The GPU is still very important when picking a PC for graphic design, however. But it doesn’t have to be the most powerful in the world. As long as it can handle DirectX 12 and has at least 4GB of memory you should be good. Anything with an RTX 20 series card or an RX 5000 series should be more than enough there.

The Storage

Storage is also very important since you’ll be saving heavy files all of the time. Buy a machine with at least 2TB of storage. This might seem like this is a lot, but this is necessary. You should even double down by getting external storage,not only for more space but for backing up work as well.

Display Quality

You should also pay very special attention to the monitor you pick as graphic design is visual by nature. Make sure that you pick an IPS display over a TN display, as they have better color accuracy and viewing angles. It needs to be at least 15″ with 1920 x 1080 resolution. Also, check if the monitor features HiDPI technology, as they have a higher pixel density and offer better detail.

This is all you need to know if you want to get yourself a machine that will allow you to do graphic design work comfortably. Other things can improve your performance, but learn as much about computers as you can before you start shopping.