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5 Top Contract Management Software in 2022



5 Top Contract Management Software in 2022

Business contracts are negotiated, created, signed, renewed, and actionable data is collected through contract management software. Legal professionals and those who deal with contracts can use it to replace the manual management of physical contracts so that businesses can deal with large contract volumes quickly without adding more staff.

Contract Management Software

The meaning of CRM contract management software is referred to as a system that streamlines and digitizes the way legal agreements are managed to make the contract process more efficient.

Furthermore, contract management software allows business teams to self-serve from templates owned by legal so that routine contracts can be agreed upon and managed at scale within one unified workspace.

1.CobbleStone Contract Insight

Many contract administrators, legal professionals, and procurement professionals depend on Contract Management Software. It automates and streamlines the entire contract life cycle using artificial intelligence with user-friendly features and easy administration. The software makes contracts easier to manage when you have easier searching, reporting, workflow, approvals, contract authoring, and compliance. Request a 30-day free trial from CobbleStone.


The application provides easy-to-use, drag-and-drop templates with rich media. Moreover, it allows you to customize processes, workflows, and rules. The integration with over 30 customer relationship management (CRM) programs such as HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Microsoft Dynamics is a major benefit for customers.

Companies can keep an audit trail for documents with this secure solution, and data is kept safe in their secure cloud storage facilities. PandaDoc offers HIPAA-compliant solutions for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance.


A preferred tool that helps you simplify the contract process from the beginning to the end. Moreover, it minimizes operational risks that could harm its relationship with its customers. Additionally, the tool has AI capabilities and automated functions that ensure seamless and error-free contract management. In the long run, this will increase efficiency and productivity.

Symfact has a self-service portal where participants can manage documents, workflows, and contracts. Managing contracts is also easier with e-signatures, templates, and documents. If you do not confirm how it works, you can book a free demo.


With Legito, you can automate your business processes and benefit from flexibility. Thanks to its unique template editor and cutting-edge AI technology, it automates complex dependencies without coding. Legito is used by thousands of users, including top-tier companies worldwide. This tool has been successfully integrated into over 80 countries and states worldwide.

There is a self-service portal for Legito, which improves communication and collaboration. Furthermore, your business data is secured to only users, and you can choose a plan that fits your needs. It also offers a month’s free trial and demo to test it out.


Its acquisition of SpringCM in 2018 gave the company CLM capabilities. The company was established in 2003 as an e-signature company. Due to its simplicity, DocuSign is used widely by companies. DocuSign’s e-signature plans prove the best choice for small businesses, though it also offers end-to-end solutions for contract-intensive workflows.

With the DocuSign mobile app for iOS and Android, you can take your contracts with you on the go. Several features are available for the e-signature and CLM programs, including reusable templates, recipient reminders, payment collection, and real-time comment notifications.