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6 Strategies Fortnite Pros Use To Win Fights



Strategies for winning fights in Fortnite

In streamed sessions from professional gamers, you’ll see them move and execute certain in-game actions more controlled way. At other times, you may see them make swift kills like it’s nothing. While some of these skills are developed from experience, others are simple tricks.

Nobody said you couldn’t make those moves. But you’ll need some tips and practice to do so. We’ll discuss some of these all-important tips as we go further in this article. Also, visit for Fortnite tools to help you win matches more easily.

Top 6 Strategies for winning fights in Fortnite

1.    Only take fights you can’t avoid

Every other player on the map wants to kill all the players you want to kill. So, why not let them do their thing? The best strategy to use in the game is waiting for the final minutes of the match before engaging in fights. That way, you’ll have fewer threats to face.

Also, you’ll avoid deaths that may come from unwanted battle encounters. Hide in the bushes or behind trees, only shooting at enemies who attack or have seen you. If an opponent doesn’t see you, get nearer and only take shots when you’re sure of hitting your target.

2.    Take note of POIs as you play.

If you want win, your map knowledge is almost as important as your shooting skills. This will help you know which locations to head for when you leave the Battle Bus. Also, you’ll learn common points of interest (POIs) where players will likely go and find loots.

However, we recommend staying away from popular POIs if you lack the needed skills and weapons to survive these tough areas. Also, knowing all the nooks and crannies in a particular location gives you an advantage over inexperienced enemies who engage you there.

3.    Get weapons that suit any combat situation.

It’s common to find players who prefer a particular play style, such as sniping or close-range combat. Different weapons help you achieve this, with Sniper rifles ideal for long-distance combat.

Some of the best sniper rifles in the game are Hunter Bolt Action, Storm Scout, and Dragon’s breath. Combat or Stinger will make great SMG picks to complement these for close-range combats. Assault rifles will balance the loadout as they will cover mid-range targets.

4.    Hot spots also have advantages.

If you prefer playing aggressively, you’ll need some sort of warmup. Dropping at hot zones will help you build the aggression required to sustain you for the rest of the game. Many Fortnite guides advise against dropping in hot zones because of the high death risks. If you have the required skills and aggression, you stand to lose nothing.

Going for popular POIs, such as Tilted Towers, will give you a substantial amount of loot if you can leave the place alive. Well, you just started the match with nothing to lose, so why not try your luck?

5.    Sometimes, take the easy way out.

Sometimes, it’s better to seem like a coward instead of dying for nothing. Know when to back out of fights, especially if you’re outnumbered. Also, don’t get into fights when an opponent is wielding a superior weapon.

There’s no way you’ll be able to match an opponent with the Heavy Sniper with a simple SMG. The Heavy Sniper spits out bullets that deal damage of 157 points with each shot. Know when to be a proud coward. It could be your only way out.

6.    The meta works wonders.

Players will save themselves some stress if they get the meta weapons. They’re labeled the game’s meta for some reasons, and most times, they turn out to be just the best. However, you’ll have to check back just in case Epic Games releases the newest updates.

In chapter 3, for example, some of the current best weapons are the DMR, Heavy Sniper Rifle, Stinger SMG, and Sidearm Pistol.


You don’t need some magic word or wand to play like a pro. Most times, it only requires applying the right tips to get the best results. Also, note that you don’t always have to take fights or win fights.

Run from fights when the odds are not in your favor. Take advantage of Meta weapons and also make sure you’re using versatile weapons in different situations. If you have what it takes, go to hot POI zones. You’ll need those loot and the battle heat for the rest of the game.