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SeaSearching for AZ Unblocked Gamesrching for AZ Unblocked Games

OK, who hasn’t played unblocked games here? There is not much information or many articles about this on the internet so some of you may be wondering, what are AZ Unblocked Games? How do I search for it and access them? Is it free? Do I need to install it? And many other questions.

Well, you’re in the right place. We’re going to walk you through everything you need to know when searching for AZ unblocked games.

What is AZ Unblocked Games?

Alright, so, to the main topic: what is AZ Unblocked Games? In short, AZ Unblocked games is a website that offers unblocked versions of popular flash games. Whether you feel stuck or bored or simply just want to pass the time at school or work perhaps, unblocked games are there for you! Please bear in mind to not indulge in these games when you are supposed to pay attention to something though. Or do it at your own risk.

Schools and businesses usually use firewalls to block or ban gaming websites, surely, they do not want their students and employees to get out of focus and be immersed in only their study and/or work. But this website, on the other hand, will allow you to circumvent the limits. Unblocked games and HTML games so you can play over your school or work network.

By using AZ Unblocked Games, you can quickly gain access to hundreds of games that you otherwise wouldn’t have access to. That’s why it has become one of the most popular tools for gaming on the internet.

Things to Know

Well, the games that are available on the site used to be Flash-based, but as Flash has become outdated, most of them have switched to HTML. This evolution has been great and since they use HTML, loading and playing the games has never been faster and easier!

To make things a bit more complicated for developers, Google disabled Flash support in Chrome browsers in December 2020. In that regard, many game developers decided to upload games only in the new HTML 5 format (JavaScript and WebGL). Unfortunately, many popular unblocked games are still written in Flash, but thankfully, the developers are now trying to transfer them to HTML 5, so you can enjoy the game that you like to play in the newer version.

How to Access AZ Unblocked Games

That said, how do you search and access it? It’s very simple! Just open your browser, make sure your internet is on, and type “AZ unblocked games” and voilà, there you have it. These games are easily found by just searching them. The majority of the games can be found at So as a result, you won’t have any difficulty locating them. Enjoy the game!

Oh, have I already mentioned that these games are free? Yes! They are free. No subscription, no need for other players and available 24/7. And, since these games are mostly free, you can save hundreds of dollars each month on your gaming budget!

Just like many unblocked sites, Az Unblocked Games is free to use. You don’t even have to register. There are hundreds of games so no need to be worried that you’re running out of options because you are guaranteed that you will have hours of entertainment.

The best part of AZ Games is that not only are they free, but they are also typically free from ads! The developer said it on the website “I do not guarantee 100% of the games here have no ads, but I will try to minimize the ads appearing in the game.” Additionally, there are no additional applications, plugins and software that need to be installed. The developper usually only needs a presence of a PC or laptop with Chrome OS, Mac OS or Windows operating system as system requirements.

What Kind of Games Are on AZ Games?

Some of the games that are available there are famous enough for you to know it. Sure you must have heard about “Among us”, “Tetris” and “Candy Crush Soda Saga” right? Or do you prefer classic all the time ones like “Word Cross” and “Anagram Word” ? You can look for them in the search bar that is available on the site and pick the game that you would like to play.  Everyone can choose a game from any genre that they’d like: Action, Racing, Arcade, IO, Multiplayer, Logic, Defense and many others.

Also, a bit of good news for parents and teachers, since nowadays it is nearly impossible to take kids away from the screen, some designers made games that are not only fun, but will also teach the kids about proper use of their time and other educational topics. They hope it’ll be meaningful and enriching for children.

AZ Unblocked games, or other similar sites, are usually kid-friendly. Even if it is not, the parents and supervisors can choose to block certain domains that may contain inappropriate content. Whatever your age, you can find a game that will keep you and your children amused for hours. These games are not restricted and can be played by anyone and in any location.

Offline Capabilities

Sometimes, these types of websites also offer download features so that you can play when you are offline. This would mean that you can play even when you are not connected to the internet. Even if you have a slow internet connection, you may be able to play most of the games, since the site is optimized pretty well for loading speed.

Occasionally, unlike regular games, unblocked games can be played on a mobile device and are free to access. Sometimes you need to download them from Play Store or App Store, other times, you only simply need a browser and you can play it there. These games do not require a large space allocation on your device and just in case you are concerned or thinking about your data security, these games on these websites usually follow the HTTPS protocol. This means they are safe to play and you can have peace of mind.