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Benefits Of Opting For Own Damage Coverage In Your Car Insurance Policy



Car Insurance

Also known as collision or self-damage insurance, the Own Damage Car Insurance coverage is a economical way to safeguard your car against damages caused by accident, theft, loss etc.  Since the maintenance cost of a car is quite high, it is important to buy a car insurance online that allows all-inclusive coverage.

However, if you feel that the skyrocketing premium charges of Comprehensive Car Insurance policies are way out of your budget, you can consider the Own Damage Car Insurance, which is less costly and is available for a short span of time.

What do you mean by ‘Own Damage Car Insurance coverage’?

Own Damage or OD in short is a car insurance policy that protects a car against many of the unexpected own car damages. Thus, in case your car gets damaged due to an accident on the road, or due to a calamity, or even due to any fire or theft etc., it gets covered by the Own Damage car insurance coverage. So, with Own Damage, you receive an added protection along with the third-party insurance coverage that you already have.

Let us now discuss the benefits of Own Damage Coverage in your car insurance policy to understand what all advantages you receive by availing the Own Damage car insurance online and how.

Benefits of Own Damage Car Insurance Policy

  • With an Own Damage Car Insurance Policy you can avoid buying the long-term and expensive policy of comprehensive car insurance. And at the same time, you can allow protection against third-party liabilities along with protecting your own car damages with this OD car insurance. So, here you are getting 3 years third-party liability coverage as well as 1 year Own Damage car insurance coverage by purchasing the Own Damage car insurance.
  • The Own Damage Policies are more efficient and can be easily afforded, especially for those who find the premium of comprehensive plans quite expensive. This way it has become more economical and financially more beneficial for car owners to secure their car against damages of the third-party as well as of their own by buying the OD car insurance online.
  • The fact that the Standalone Own Damage Car Insurance policies are renewed on a yearly basis is fruitful to most people (insurance seekers). The short tenure allows the insured the option to renew or look for another insurer in the next renewal year.
  • As part of the Own Damage Car insurance policy, a car insurance policyholder can buy other add-on insurance covers, which they normally cannot buy with a third-party insurance policy. Though the third-party insurance policy is a compulsory plan that a vehicle owner must possess, it doesn’t allow the insured to avail any add-on policies.
  • Further, with two policies – the third-party liability policy and Own Damage protection cover – the insured gets more liberty in terms of procuring the best car insurance online from a multitude of insurance companies offering varied insurance plans.
  • Further, if you choose to buy your standalone car insurance plan from by Mahindra Insurance Brokers, you will benefit in numerous ways in terms of choice of insurers and some of the best market deals.

Let us take a look at the Inclusions of Standalone Own Damage Car Insurance Plan.


  • You collided with another vehicle and the repair of the damage made a hole in your pocket. Don’t worry, OD car insurance will take care of it as it covers damages to the insured vehicle.
  • Your car suddenly goes missing, probably stolen by miscreants. Have patience, your OD car insurance cover would compensate you against the theft.
  • If your car gets burnt in a fire or due to lighting, the OD car insurance covers against such damages as well.
  • Riots and other man-made disasters also do a lot of damage to cars at times. The policy covers them too.
  • Natural disasters are beyond our control, but OD car insurance can let you avail the compensation for such damages as well.


From the above discussion it is clear that opting for an Own Damage Car Insurance coverage is a lucrative offer that you must consider. Further, if you buy the policy from, you will be able to avail better and enhanced rewards in terms of worthwhile deals and discounts. So, go ahead and buy your coverage on OD car insurance online.