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How To Make Your Manufacturing Business More Eco-Friendly



Make Your Manufacturing Business More Eco-Friendly

There are many businesses now looking to turn their working practices towards a more modern approach, that of becoming more eco-friendly. If you have a business that you feel is too difficult to move towards this common goal, then you should think again. Little steps can be big rewards, especially in the eyes of your potential customers who are actively seeking products from eco-friendly sources and employees that would prefer to work for an environmentally caring business over any other.

#1 Look for alternative power sources

With the world so focused on renewable energy, it is high time that many more businesses start to embrace the power of solar technology for their energy requirements. Installing solar panels for your business’s use can not only save you money on your electricity bills but will also show your business in a much more favorable light compared to your conventional electric-eating competitors in your potential customer’s eyes.

#2 Encourage the use of hand dryers over paper towels

Once you have installed your solar panels, you will find that the use of hand dryers (especially the sensor-driven ones) is far better than the use of paper towels. Indeed, paper towels are very much a false economy. Although they may seem cheaper even than conventional electricity, in practice, they are not.

For instance, there are immensely few people that will only use one paper towel to dry their hands. More often than, you are looking at four or five paper towels per person per hand washing experience. Not only this, but you have to take into account the unhygienic scenario of all of the paper towels thrown in the bin (or thereabouts), as well as the cost to the environment to make and dispose of them.

#3 Purchase re-conditioned or pre-loved machinery over new

When you are running your business and find that you are in need of new machinery, you may find it very much worth your while to source re-conditioned or pre-loved items. Not only will you be able to find bargains, but you could very well find that you are able to afford a much higher spec piece of machinery when compared to paying for a brand new machine. If the machine that you have purchased is re-conditioned or well looked after, you could very well have a piece of machinery that has a long lifespan within your business, especially if you take pains to keep it serviced and well maintained yourself.

#4 Deal with recycling waste responsibly

Everybody has the responsibility to deal with their waste, and this is even more prominent for business owners. Making sure that your business recycles as much as it possibly can is important to the environment, but for some, there is a real issue of being able to store recycled items, whether it is down to a lack of space or having to physically take it to recycling centers due to there being either no or very limited collection facilities provided in their area. This is when it could very well be ideal to have a baler on site. A baler will be able to condense down and bale your recycling, so you will be able to store it in a much smaller area or be able to carry more on your trip to the nearest recycling center. Obviously, it is important to have the correct baler and baling wire for the job, which is where experts such as come into play.

#5 Purchase eco-friendly packaging

However, recycling your end is only part of it. You should, out of pride, be looking to purchase eco-friendly packaging for your business’s shipments. Using recycled or packaging made from sustainable products may cost a little more initially. Still, in the long run, you are not only providing an important message to your customers and your competitors about the way in which you want your business to be perceived, but you are investing in businesses that also have an interest in saving the planet and therefore are striving together for a common goal.

#6 Source your stock from like-minded businesses

As in sourcing packaging from eco-friendly businesses, you should also be thinking long and hard about your suppliers. By supporting other businesses in your supply chain, you are supporting yourself and your ideals. Customers like to know that a product that they purchase comes from a totally eco-friendly source from start to completion. Indeed, many customers are happy to pay more for the items that they buy if they are from reputable companies that deal solely in eco-friendly methods and products, making this a real selling feature for your business.