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How to Take Screenshot on iPhone 11?



How to Take Screenshot on iPhone 11?

Are you looking for ways on how to take screenshot on iPhone 11? Nowadays, one of the most important things on the internet is screenshots, because they never used to be this powerful earlier, but immense increment in mobile working made them so! And today we are here to find out various ways on how do you take a screenshot on iPhone 11.

Hopefully, you are a regular iPhone 11 user and eager to know the entire procedure. So, stay tuned till the end as we talk about the whole thing with step-by-step explanations.

No matter what, the iPhone 11 remains a powerful smartphone. Be it camera, screen, or battery life, everything is top-notch. Even though the way of the screenshot is unique now, it is not impossible.

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As many people routinely take screenshots, not everyone knows how exactly to capture a screenshot as every phone has its own functions. So here are some ways on how to screenshot on iPhone 11. 

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to take Screenshot on iPhone 11 

Since the iPhone 11 lacks a home button, you must be thinking, taking screenshots is a difficult task. Aren’t you?

As many people don’t know about many functions of a phone, they seek help from google by searching how do you take a screenshot on iPhone 11? If you’re also among those, know that taking screenshots on iPhone 11 is easy and the steps are as follows :

Step 1- Press the side button and volume up button 

Also known as the sleep/wake button, you can take screenshots on iPhone 11 by simultaneously pressing the volume up and the side button.

The moment you release your fingers and let go of the buttons, you’ll be notified as a screenshot captured on your screen.

Step 2- Edit Screenshot 

Once you capture the screenshot, you’ll be notified and also hear a camera shutter sound. Once you see a screenshot preview on your screen, now you can simply edit.

To edit, tap on it and see the options to edit the screenshot. Besides, you can also crop the screenshot according to your choice.

Step 3- Share Screenshot 

Now that you know how to screenshot on iPhone 11, you may also want to share what you’ve saved. To share the screenshot you captured, you can either tap and hold on to the preview to directly send the screenshot to any friend or any app, or else you can go to your screenshot album in the Photos app and select the screenshot and share it.

Therefore, even if you dismiss the screenshot preview, know that it will be automatically saved in your gallery or in the Photos app. For instance, if you want to share something through Whatsapp, you’ll have to choose a contact to share the screenshot and then tap next.

How to Take Screenshot on iPhone 11 Using Assistive Touch

Are you looking for ways on how to take screenshot on iPhone 11 by using one hand? Know that it is possible with the assistive touch and here are the steps :

Step 1- Enable Assistive touch 

Go to Settings>General>Accessibility> Assistive Touch and then enable the Assistive touch option. For those who don’t know what an assistive touch is, then know it is a semi-transparent button added to your screen.

Step 2- Customize top-level menu 

Click on the “Customize top-level menu” option, then tap the custom icon and you’ll see a list from which to select the screenshot button. By doing this, the screenshot button will be added to the Assistive touch menu.

Step 3- Take a screenshot using Assistive touch 

Once you’ve added the screenshot button on the assistive touch menu, you can simply take a screenshot using one hand. All you need to do is tap on the assistive touch button and then the screenshot button.

So by using this method you can stop your search on how to take screenshot on iPhone 11?

Where to view screenshots on iPhone 11?

Are you done taking screenshots? Besides looking for ways on how to take screenshot on iPhone 11, you must probably be looking for the screenshot you’ve captured. To view all your screenshots in one place, go to your screenshot album inside the photos app.

Just like any album in the gallery, the screenshots you take are also automatically added to the album.

Now that you know about how to screenshot on iPhone 11, the next thing is to go through what you’ve saved. So all you need to do is go to the Photos app, from there tap the albums tab and visit the screenshot section and you’ll find everything you’ve captured in one place.

Now, let’s figure out “How do you take a full screenshot on iPhone 11”

Once you’ve taken a screenshot on your iPhone 11, by using any of the above methods, another feature iPhone 11 allows is to take a full screenshot.

All you need to do is tap the preview in the bottom left corner before it disappears then simply choose the full page option in the top right corner.

Why won’t my iPhone 11 Take a Screenshot?

Many times taking a screenshot doesn’t work well. In such cases, the option here is to force reboot your iPhone. All you need to do is hold the power button for at least 10 seconds and then restart your phone.

Some facts you must know while taking screenshots on iPhone 11

Besides, looking for ways to figure out How do you take a screenshot on an iPhone 11, there are some other facts that every iPhone 11 user must know- Check them Out yourself.

  • Aside from cropping the screenshot, you can also mark the screenshot you’ve captured by using any pen or pencil from the tools displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  • After taking a screenshot on your iPhone 11, know that you can add text, signature, or even highlight boxes. This can be done with the help of additional edit options, which you can find in the bottom left corner as a plus button.
  • The Assistive touch button feature allows iPhone 11 users to capture a screenshot with a single touch of a digital button.
  • iPhone 11 screenshot feature allows its users to immediately view and edit the taken images.

It helps after all!!!

No doubt, the iPhone 11 is capable of performing many things, and taking awesome screenshots is one of them. Be it sharing screen images with friends on social media or saving a funny meme, screenshots are extremely helpful for every situation.