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IG Liker – Get Free Instagram Likes Without Limits



Get Free Instagram Likes Without Limits

The number of Instagram likes still plays an important role today. Follow this post to get unlimited Instagram likes for your posts and stay popular.

2 weeks ago, we published a post about how to get more followers on Instagram. However, we realized that we need another article to help you get more likes. But this time, we will not talk about the traditional ways such as posting at the right time, using the right hashtags.

The reason? There are tons of guides on the internet full of those strategies. You already know those methods. On the other hand, those strategies take a lot of time and energy even they are still working.

In todays’ article, we will introduce a new way to acquire likes on Instagram through a tool. A tool? Which tool? Is it safe? How to use it?

Keep reading and find all answers below.

About IG Liker

The tool is called IG Liker which can help users get totally unlimited & free Instagram likes. The first time we saw unlimited and free, we doubted that. As far as we know, there is no tool in the world that can offer unlimited Instagram likes free of charge.

Then we clicked the “Get Free Likes” button on the homepage of its official site and it brought us to Google Play where we found its Android app called GetInsita which has got 1M+ downloads and 10K reviews.

Get Free Instagram

Without any hesitation, we installed this app in order to figure out how it works.

The Secrets of Free Likes & Followers

When we launched the app, it told us to create an account to continue. After signing up and logging in, this app told us to give our Instagram account username. It’s reasonable we thought. So as it wished.


And then, some Instagrammers’ profiles showed up. And it seems that we can get 100 coins if we follow other Instagrammers.

Instagrammers’ profile

Besides following, we can also like others’ posts to get coins. However, the coins are 20, not 100.

get coins

And finally, we found the secrets of free likes and followers the moment we visited the store page.

instagram likes

The coins we earned by following others or liking their posts can be used to purchase(exchange) for likes and followers.

Therefore, IG Liker is based on following for following, liking for liking. You get followers and likes after you follow others or like their posts. It’s a fair deal to get free followers and likes. And because of this system, IG Liker slove the bot followers and likes problem.

3 Ways to Get More Coins

Apparently, the most important thing to get followers and likes with this app is to get as many coins as possible. There are 3 ways to get more coins.

First, get coins from the Daily Reward. Every day you use this app, you will be rewarded with some coins.

daily reward

Second, get coins from the Lucky Draw.

Lucky Draw

Third, share this app to get more coins.

earn extra coins

Get Auto Likes

Back to IG Liker’s official website, we found the Instagram auto liker page where we can see the advantages of having more Instagram likes and Instagram auto liker. IG Liker claims that they can help you get likes not only for your already published posts but also for your scheduled posts.

We already know that IG Liker is a liking for liking platform, which means your posts will be automatically recommended to other users. Once other IG Liker users like your posts, you will get free auto likes.


We have given you a simple review of an Instagram growth tool called IG Liker, which can drive you free Instagram followers and likes from 100% real accounts. Try this app today and grow your Instagram account with more organic followers and likes.