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Important Google algorithm updates that every New York SEO professional must know



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At the end of the day, newer strategies will be formulated by cheaters for cheating the tech giant, Google. But this also harms the efforts of established New York SEO experts because they invested months and years to cope with the latest trends and acquire a good SERP position for their site. But, a new update of Google can destroy every inch of these efforts. In short, the updates of Google algorithms are merciless. So, in this article, we are going to discuss the most significant Google algorithm updates that all New York-based SEO experts must concentrate on.

Google Panda:

If you follow a content strategy that includes over-stuffing of keywords and cheap content, this particular algorithm update will harm your ranking. This particular algorithm was created to reward sites that produce top-quality content and punish the ones having cheap-quality content.

Not only this, Google Panda attacks those sites that revolve around article spinning, plagiarized, duplicated, thin, and poorly written content. And also, this algorithm penalizes websites that make content, which fails to provide value to the readers. So, all you need to do is focus on the quality of your content.

In New York, you can get connected to any SEO professional who can guide you on the Google Panda algorithm. Or else, you can contact an experienced New York SEO agency to know in detail about how Google panda works and how you can avoid getting hit by a Panda penalty.

Google Hummingbird:

Google, at present, is not looking to penalize any site or harm its ranking. Instead, it is looking forward to enhancing the search mechanism. And Google Hummingbird can do this well.

Google Hummingbird helps the search engine to enhance its search results. Mostly the sites target trending keywords for getting better ranking, even if the search terms are unrelated to their services or products. So, appropriate results are often not displayed to the users.

But Google Hummingbird’s sole purpose is to interpret the intent of the searcher and provide them with appropriate results that suit their intention. So, try to make content that revolves around the correct keywords.

For example, if you or your target audience are from New York, look for the keywords or phrases that are associated with the respective place such as, things to do in Manhattan, New York’s special pizza, nightlife in New York City, etc.

Google Pigeon:

Several users are there who look for location-optimized searches. And Google Pigeon makes things easier for such searchers. This particular algorithm update helps such sites rank better on Google SERPs that are nearer to the location of the searcher who actually made the search query. Thus, the lesser the distance is, the better the ranking will become.

The best thing about this update is that there will be nothing to lose. The appropriate way to tackle Google Pigeon is to optimize your content for a particular location. You need to include location-specific keywords in your content.

For example, if you are writing content for your New York audience, research about the things that take place in New York, or show something unique about New York City. Then, you will need to optimize your content based on the ideas that you have gathered from the research.

Google Penguin:

Google penguin targets manipulative links. The primary objective of this Google Penguin algorithm update is to offer better ranks to the sites that entertain quality but has relevant links.

Before the arrival of this update, several sites adopted shrewd means for earning links. Fake links were bought by them, and also, they linked their content to illegal websites for getting a higher position on the SERP. So, for putting an end to this act, Google Penguin was launched, and all the websites that made use of low-quality links were penalized.

As Google Penguin works in real-time, the quality of all the backlinks can be analyzed well. Several online tools are also available that help you distinguish between irrelevant and quality links. Or else, you can also opt for any reliable New York SEO firm for this purpose.


An uncountable number of people used to have the advantage of search engines and provided below-average experience to the users. But those days are gone. Different Google algorithm updates made the search engine a much safer place for all the users out there. It may look difficult to pave the way around these tough algorithms, but once you are used to it, things will get easier.