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JBL is From Which Country – Find Out Everything About it Here



JBL is from which Country

You might be here because you are planning to purchase a JBL headphone. But it makes you really confused as you do not have much of that information about the brand.

Usually, people buying a certain product look forward to knowing a brand’s history. If you are one of them, then you must be looking forward to knowing JBL is from which country? Or if JBL is a Chinese brand?

As a buyer, you have the complete right to know about a brand from a closer view. However, here are all the details provided to make things easier for you to understand.

Basically, JBL is an American manufacturer of audio equipment like loudspeakers and headphones. JBL consumer serves the consumer home market whereas the JBL professional serves the studio, installed sound, tour sound, portable sound and more.

The brand is owned by a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics called Harman International Industries.

It was founded back in 1945 after James B.Lansing left Altec Lansing as a vice president of Engineering. During this time, the company was known as Lansing Sound, Inc which was later renamed James B Lansing sound.

Their first products included model D101 15 inch loudspeaker and model D175 high frequency driver.

However, the high-frequency driver remained in their catalogue for the next 20 years. These were both the close copies of Altec Lansing products.

Now you must be thinking JBL is from which country? Well, to know that let’s jump to the next part of the article.

Which country does JBL belong to? Where does JBL come from?

The answer behind JBL is from which country is America. Basically, JBL is an American manufacturer of audio equipment like headphones, loudspeakers and more.

Thus, the JBL consumer covers the consumer home market whereas the JBL professional services the studio, installation sound, tour sound, portable sound and more.

It is owned by Harman International Industries which is a division of Samsung Electronics.

Is JBL a Chinese firm?

Another question that is asked by the people after JBL is from which country is JBL a Chinese firm?

Well, to let you know JBL is not a Chinese firm. It is based in the United States of America which produces audio equipment like headphones and loudspeakers.

The company is owned by Harman International which is further owned by Samsung. It was acquired in the year 2016. If you look from another angle, Samsung owns JBL from the year 2016 itself.

However, to let you know the brand has headquarters in three locations including the United States of America, Stanford and Connecticut.

Again to answer your question JBL is from which country? The short answer to this question is it is an American-based company and does not belong to China.

Where are the JBL headphones manufactured? JBL is made in which country? 

You already have got the answer to the question: JBL is from which country? But the location where it is manufactured is another question in your mind.

Well to inform you, JBL is manufactured in China along with other countries like Mexico, Hungary, Germany, India and more. This is because Herman International has designed, engineered and planted research centres across these regions.

However, when the JBL are manufactured in China, the products come with a label of “made in China”. It is because of the laws. Moreover, much of the equipment of JBL is made in China.

Still, there are questions that people keep on thinking like JBL is from which country? JBL belongs to which country? Where are JBL products manufactured? and so on.

Are the JBL headphones manufactured by Samsung Electronics? 

The answer is No. JBL is completely controlled by Harman International and is also responsible for the aspects of products of JBL goods.

Whether it is design or the manufacturing of the goods, Harman International handles everything. Moreover, as a result, the company Samsung is solely responsible for serving as the owner.

Thus, JBL is not manufactured by Samsung Electronics, however, the company just owns the JBL trademark.

How popular is JBL in India? How did JBL become India’s one of the famous brands? 

Lansing’s tight commercial connection with its major source of Alnico V magnetic material, Robert Arnold of Arnold Engineering, was quite crucial for the early growth of the brand JBL.

Langsing was offered beneficial conditions and also a large credit line by Arnold Engineering.

JBL presented Robert Arnold with a chance to sell Alnico V magnetic material into a new market. The early products of the brand were 375 high-frequency drivers and the 075 Ultra High-Frequency ring radiator drivers were the early products.

Due to their unique form and shape, these JBL drivers were referred to as JBL bullets. The 375 was a redesigned Western Electric 594 driver featuring an Alnico V magnet and a four-inch voice coil.

These were designed by JBL engineers and the products became a mass-market during the following two decades. Soon in no time, JBL was considered as the well-known manufacturer of cinema loudspeakers besides being prominent as a tour sound supplier.

Know the History behind JBL!! 

Do you sit back and think how was JBL founded? Or when was JBL found? Besides thinking JBL is from which country? Because if you do, then it is important for you to know about its history.

Turning back to the time, Langsing and his business partner Ken Decker founded a company in Los Angeles in 1927.

During that time, the company only produced six and eight-inch speaker drivers for the radio and console sets.

After some time, the company became popular with the name of Langsing Manufacturing company. Moreover, Douglas Shearer was dissatisfied with the western electric and RCA Loudspeakers.

Being the Metro Goldwyn Mayer of the sound department, he then decided to develop his own in 1933.

Once massive improvement was shown, western electric and RCA were honoured with awards. These were only available by the Langsing manufacturers at that time and were referred to as Diaphonics.

Besides that, Shearer Horn also received the award called Academy Scientific and technical awards in 1936 by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

After this, Langsing developed the iconic system loudspeaker for cinemas which was a two-way speaker with a 15-inch low-frequency woofer.

Then in 1939, Decker died in a plane crash and it led to the financial loss of the company. After this, Lansing left Altec Lansing after his contract expired in 1946 which later changed the name to JBL Sound.

Thus, the name JBL sound comes from the James B. Lansing Sound.

Where are the products of JBL manufactured? 

If you have already discovered JBL is from which country? It is now time to find out where the products of JBL are manufactured? JBL manufactures its products from India, Mexico, Germany, China and Hungary.

Being a global company, JBL is not dependent on any single source of manufacturing. This is because JBL sells its products globally besides ensuring the fastest delivery of their products.

JBL manufactures all its goods on a global scale and does not rely on a single nation. So in short, the products of JBL are made in Mexico, China, Hungary, Mexico and India.

This clearly shows that the JBL does not completely depend on China but other countries as well.

On the other hand, the majority of the products of JBL are made in China only, which is why it is referred to as the World Factory.

The reason behind this is China offers labour at a cheaper cost compared to other countries. Also, China is capable of offering top technological goods at the lowest rates.

Not to mention, JBL is not the only brand that depends on China for these things. Other companies like Boat, Poco, Dell, are also dependent on China.

Apart from China, the other countries including India, Mexico, Germany and Hungary are also responsible for the production of JBL goods.

This is done to improve the brand value and the efficiency of the products. So if you are thinking JBL is from which country? Or which nation is JBL manufactured in? Then know that the brand belongs to America and has nothing to do with China.

Are the JBL products good to purchase?

The answer is yes. The products of JBL are totally worth it if you are planning to purchase them. Headphones of these brands are classy and come with a well-balanced sound system.

On the other hand, the loudspeakers will also give you the best experience ever. Not to mention, the products are of great value and are also available at reasonable rates.

Who is the Head of JBL in India? Who is the Brand Ambassador of the company?

The Harman International country head of JBL in India is Anand Ramamoorthy who is also the managing director.

He was using the three-pronged strategy which included the product, reach and the brand. According to this managing director and head Anand Ramamoorthy, the global design team of the company have allowed them to provide more than 20 items in an affordable range which is less than 10 thousand rupees.

Apart from this, the brand ambassador of the company is A.R. Rahman who himself is an Oscar winner.

However, the company is looking forward to increasing the reach to the maximum number of people. This is why the brand is changing its distribution strategy to include items in both the retail stores and boutique stores everywhere in the country.

Who founded the JBL company?

JBL was founded by James Bullough Lansing, earlier known as James Martini. He was born on January 2, in the year 1902.

James was a pioneering American audio engineer and a loudspeaker designer who was well known for founding the two audio businesses that retain his name Altec Lansing and JBL.

After this Lansing and Decker came to Los Angeles where they started to manufacture Loudspeakers and began their own company.

They both named the company Lansing Manufacturing company and changed his name from James Martini to James Bullough Lansing before he started his business on the 9th of march in the year 1927.

This was done as advice from his wife named Glenna. James took the title Martin whereas the other two of his brothers named Bill and George came to Los Angeles to work with him.

Unfortunately, the company started to face a financial crisis after Decker was killed in an aircraft in the year 1939. Then the Lansing manufacturing firm was purchased by Altec Service Corporation in 1941.

This is when the company was recognized as a branded supplier of loudspeaker components. Altec Lansing was the merged brand’s name and James Bullough Lansing was referred to as the VP of engineering for the next five years.

As soon as the contract expired, Lansing quit the firm and then started his own company which he named Lansing Sound Incorporated.

He then renamed his firm James B Lansing Sound Incorporated. It’s required to mention here that James was an outstanding engineer but not a good businessman at all.

His business started failing, he could not bear it and hung himself in his house of San Marcos on September 29, in the year 1949.

Wrapping it up

JBL belongs to America and is not a Chinese firm. The company was founded by James Bullough Lansing and its head is Anand Ramamoorthy.

It is manufactured in other countries including Mexico, Germany, India, Hungary, and China.

On the other hand, none of his headphones are manufactured by Samsung Electronics. The products of JBL are extremely great and are available at reasonable rates.

It has gained immense popularity in recent years and has also become the first choice of many. So if you have been planning to purchase the JBL loudspeakers or headphones, then just go for it.