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Planning for a Business Trip: What Considerations Should You Make?



Planning for a Business Trip: What Considerations Should You Make?

Business travel is more or less fully returned in UK, following the lifting of travel restrictions relating to the coronavirus pandemic. Some businesses are still limping as a result of the virus’ impact on the economy, but with travel returning, deals and healthy partnerships are once again being made. Planning a business trip can be a daunting prospect, but taking the following considerations into account can help you navigate the planning process.

The Itinerary

Business trips can be a complex undertaking, even if they are taking place with the simplest of objectives. As soon as possible, you need to ensure that all involved parties are on the same page – something which a comprehensive itinerary can achieve. Knowing the window for your visit, your arrival and transport times and the schedule for your business days will enable everyone to make the right preparations.


Your transportation options depend very much on the distance to your destination. International trips will naturally necessitate air travel, and it may well be the case that some domestic destinations require air travel too – whether out of urgency, distance or price in comparison to other public transport options. However, for domestic travel, driving is almost universally cheaper.

You may have a company car, or your company may hire a rental on your behalf. Use of personal vehicles to make business trips can be more economical, where the company only needs to expense the fuel costs. However, your business trip may also involve a delegation of employees and representatives from your company. If your trip has more than one leg, and you are using someone’s personal vehicle to make the trip, it may be necessary to take out temporary car insurance to enable short-term cover for other drivers.


Booking accommodation is a crucial consideration for any extended business trip, and there is a range of criteria with which you should inform any booking. Amenities and comfort are key, especially for higher-level executives, but perhaps more important is the accommodation’s proximity to your business destinations – or to transport links that enable swift travel to the same.

Preparations and Priorities

Ahead of departing, you should take some time to ensure total readiness for the trip at hand. You will need to consolidate all the documents and resources you need for your trip in one place; you should endeavour to back up your business trip ‘packet’ on an additional hard drive or USB stick, to ensure that computer issues do not derail the purpose of your visit.

You should pay special attention to your packing. As a representative of your business, you will need to look appropriate and presentable throughout your trip. An abundance of clean shirts and at least one spare suit jacket will allow you to maintain appearances in case of an accident involving your clothing.