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Shattered Throne Map Destiny 2 – What You Must know About It

Shattered Throne Map

As a gamer we already know that the gaming industry keeps on evolving everyday. But what made the tables turn was the launch of the Destiny 2 game.

This was one of the best games that had amazing graphics and story. It gives a chance to the gamers to use outstanding weapons against the enemies.

But that’s not something easy to grab !! Wondering why? Because you have to complete exciting adventures that are very enjoyable like raids and patrols. Apart from all these, there is a Raid liar known as shattered throne map. 

Now you must be thinking what is it all about? Well to inform you this shattered throne map is a maze of foyers, coasting islands and incomplete extensions.

Usually players find it difficult to work on it but they can seek help from guides like Erebus. For the first time players, it might be really hard to understand. But what is a gamer who gives up easily?

This is why it is recommended to keep trying as it is the best place to find loot. When it comes to the Destiny 2 Reset Valot Rank, the Shattered Throne Map can be defined as a prison.

In such situations, these missions are really like the Whisper Mission. To make it easier for you we would be telling you what the Shattered Throne is all about.

About the Shattered Throne Map!! 

Here we will be talking about what the Shattered Throne map is actually about. It can be defined as a mini raid for the gamers striving hard to capture the best loot.

Besides this, the dungeon comes with two bosses which is only available once in three weeks for the players. Usually players find it difficult to beat the parts of the dungeon.

But Wait !! We have got you supported. All you need to do is keep reading until the end. First you would have to go into the dungeon which can be reached easily through Dreaming City’s landing zone.

As not all areas are close, this means it is really going to be difficult. In order to grab the map you need to run in different directions. So just keep your eyes targeted for a structure on Oracle and go to the left.

Just after this you would reach the prison passage where you need to show your skills. It is important to stay focused so that you don’t get lost in the way.

And lastly, don’t forget to wrap up the sanctuaries when leaving. The shattered throne map has four parts and now is the time to find out more about them.

  1. The Labyrinth 

The first area where you would need the map is the Labyrinth. Here one needs to clear the seven temples and find out how they interconnect.

To make it easier for you, know that the middle temple is carved with a mark of the diving bird symbol. Lastly, you would encounter a mini-boss that needs to be killed to complete the loot.

After this make sure to go ahead if you are done with running.

  1. The Hike

Here you need to be very careful when taking any hits. This is basically a linear path that has a huge foyer taken by Hobgoblins and Knights everywhere.

Make sure to use your heavy weapons to knock them out. After this take any chance if you want to kill any Pesky Phalanxes. Once you are done, just move ahead taking the stairs.

  1. The Boundless Hunger

This is the most exciting part of the game. Here you would find a Giant Ogre who is being protected by the wizards. Your main goal should revolve around killing the wizard guards first.

Then collect all the spheres that are needed before fighting the final battle to win over the Giant Ogre. Also to inform you every wizard has four foes that include two vandals and two goblins. So without worrying just run the spell and be strong.

  1. Dul Incaru 

As you can see that the map is quite long but to end it, Dul Incaru is the final goal. After encountering the Boppers who can cause unlimited problems, make sure to be fearless.

Dul Incaru is guided by three Taken Champions who need to be killed by you in a rapid way. So try to be wise and kill every champion separately or you might lose. Also to inform you, don’t take too much time or else the champions will become invincible.