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All You Need to Know for Starting a Career as an AWS DevOps Engineer



All You Need to Know for Starting a Career as an AWS DevOps Engineer

DevOps, as is well known, is a combination of development and operations. Its applications in the domain of software development are multiple and important due to their agile functionality. DevOps is the best available tool to establish a clear-cut relationship between IT operations and development in the field of software development. Precisely speaking, DevOps strengthens the relationship between development and IT operations for better coordination and communication. The DevOps online training is mandatory to gain expertise in functionality of DevOps.

Now, AWS DevOps is a popular choice when it comes to building a career in DevOps. However, people looking to build a career in this domain need to take note of certain other things as well. This blog discusses some important points that should be noted before starting a career as an AWS DevOps Engineer.

The following topics will be covered in this blog:

  • Important Points to Consider when Starting a Career as an AWS DevOps Engineer
    • In-depth Understanding of DevOps
    • Knowledge of Important Technologies
    • Certifications in DevOps
    • Developing a Practical Approach
    • Knowledge of Automation in DevOps
    • Branding Capabilities
  • Conclusion

Important Points to Consider when Starting a Career as an AWS DevOps Engineer

The demand for AWS DevOps Engineers has increased in recent years. The DevOps solutions and services offered by AWS are on the rise as well. Because of this, the points to consider before starting a career in this domain are multiple and need to be taken seriously. Let us consider these points in detail:

In-depth Understanding of DevOps

If you want to build a career in DevOps, it is very important to understand the true meaning of DevOps. Not only is it important to know what DevOps is, but also what it is not. DevOps is basically a domain that clubs together software development and operations to facilitate smooth coordination and collaboration. It is also important to note that DevOps is not just a single tool or job role. While starting a career as a fresher in the complex domain of AWS DevOps, one should have a clear understanding of these things.

Knowledge of Important Technologies

Working in the domain of DevOps requires knowledge in various technologies. Hence, having a decent understanding of the crucial DevOps technologies is must for every DevOps professional. Some of these technologies are the fundamentals to build a successful career in DevOps.

So, the first and foremost step should be to understand the basics of various operating systems; other things that follow are cloud essentials, scripting, containers, and, most importantly, knowledge of various programming languages.

Now, when we talk about gaining knowledge in operating systems, one must be adept at working with the Linux platform. Next, to better work with cloud, scripting, and containers, etc., you need to have a strong hold over programming languages. Mastering scripting is next to impossible without proper programming experience. Some of the important and widely used languages for scripting are Python, Java, Ruby, PowerShell, C, C++, Bash, etc. Before starting a career as an AWS DevOps Engineer, you must develop a good knowledge base in cloud computing resources on the AWS platform. To work with containers, you must be well versed with tools such as Docker and container orchestration platforms such as Kubernetes.

Certifications in DevOps

Certifications are a must, especially if you are a beginner. Having one or more certifications in DevOps will help you develop and validate your skills in the domain. Since there has been a rise in the demand for DevOps professionals, having a certificate will give you an added advantage over others. There are multiple online certifications available in DevOps for roles such as AWS DevOps Engineer, AWS DevOps Architect, etc. You can start with a basic-level course that covers the fundamentals of DevOps.

Some DevOps training providers, such as Intellipaat, have AWS DevOps certification courses that offer learners the opportunity to work on real-life projects, which can add value to your resume and skill set. This way, even if you are a fresher in the domain, you can still make a mark on recruiters through multiple DevOps certifications.

Developing a Practical Approach

Certifications and training programs are a good strategy to enter the DevOps industry as a beginner. But they need to be complemented with a practical skill set. Learners willing to build a career in DevOps need to also focus on building their practical knowledge in DevOps tools. Simply knowing about the technologies and tools is not sufficient. You need to focus on taking up complex projects to use DevOps tools. If your resume showcases the challenging projects that you have completed, it will give you an edge over others in the hiring process. This is not only needed before starting a career in DevOps but also for making further career advancements and getting into good DevOps roles.

Knowledge of Automation in DevOps

Automation has started to rule everything. Hence, as an AWS DevOps Engineer, it is very important to explore the various applications and use cases of automation in DevOps.To understand this, you must go for various certifications in automation and learn important skill sets in automation. Successful AWS DevOps Engineers are those who are proficient in deployments and applying automation skill sets in DevOps. You can learn various automation tools and technologies to better understand the contemporary DevOps processes. Learning new automation technologies beforehand is essential for having a bright AWS DevOps career.

Branding Capabilities

Just possessing the required skill set is not sufficient for getting the right job. You need to market your skill sets and establish your brand as an AWS DevOps expert. You must be able to showcase, to recruiters, how well you can execute a DevOps project on the AWS platform. Communication and collaboration skills are a must for any DevOps role; hence, it is also important to depict your communication and coordination skills to the recruiters. Now, to enhance your DevOps marketing skills, it is suggested that you participate in various DevOps communities and interact with DevOps professionals about AWS DevOps on various online platforms.


Starting a career as an AWS DevOps Engineer requires a proper strategy and learning path. This blog has been carefully crafted to help you take small steps to enter the DevOps domain. We have discussed a few important steps and tips to consider before starting your career as an AWS DevOps Engineer. Even though every candidate has their own preference of a learning path, we hope that this blog will be of some help in your career.