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The 5 Biggest Freelance Challenges & the Top Solutions



The 5 Biggest Freelance Challenges & the Top Solutions

A freelance career will allow you to work from anywhere in the world, set your working hours, and become your own boss. Also, you could choose your project rate, find the right level of work for your wants and needs, and receive orders from companies from various industries.

Yet, like any job role, freelance life may have some challenges you will need to overcome to enjoy its many perks. Here are the five biggest freelance challenges and the top solutions available.

1.Securing Clients

The more experienced and professional you appear to a prospective client, the more likely you will secure a project and the more you can charge. Yet, you might be unsure how to develop a positive image in your field.

A solution: Appear like an expert in your field by using virtual office services. A business postal address will create the illusion that you run a more established freelance service, which will boost confidence in your project quality and reliability. Also, you could take advantage of added extras, such as booking a meeting room to chat with a client or hotdesking.

2.Too Much or Too Little Work

Freelancing has unpredictable waves of too much or too little work. One day you might feel swamped with deadlines, and the next, you are twiddling your thumbs waiting for a project.

A solution: It isn’t always possible to predict how much work you will receive when freelancing. Yet, you can lower your stress levels by setting a weekly financial goal. If you don’t reach your desired income regularly, you may need to promote your services to more reliable individuals or organizations to protect your income. Also, once you have hit your desired weekly income, set any extra funds aside to serve as a financial buffer during slower working weeks.


It doesn’t matter if you are a freelance writer, web developer, graphic designer, or bookkeeper; you will likely struggle with distractions at some point. As you will want tunnel vision when completing a project, you must find ways to minimize disruptions and procrastination as much as possible.

A solution: If you struggle to focus inside the home, hotdesking might be a more suitable alternative. You can enter a cool, professional environment for as many days as your chosen pass allows. As it is free of TVs, noisy loved ones, or the lure of your bed, you are more likely to tackle tasks and complete projects on schedule and to the highest standard.


Freelance life means saying goodbye to office cliques, gossip, and micromanagement. Yet, you might long for small talk or close colleague relationships when working from home. Instead of struggling with feelings of loneliness, you must make it your mission to socialize as much as possible.

A solution: Don’t allow freelance life to make you feel lonely and isolated. Ask a friend to meet you for a coffee on your lunch break, call an ex-co-worker for a catch-up, or enjoy after-work drinks with your close circle once you have shut down your computer or laptop. It will provide some separation from a project while allowing you to laugh, chat, and feel connected to others.

5.Tough Freelance Competition

Many freelancers need to compete with other professionals to secure one or more projects. As a result, you might feel you often miss out to more experienced freelancers, which could dent your self-confidence and affect your income.

A solution: If you are up against much competition in your field, it might be time to up your freelance game. Stand out from the crowd by developing a professional online portfolio, launching an attractive, engaging website with a fresh blog, and perfecting cold emails and pitches. These clever tactics will showcase your past projects, improve your professionalism, and highlight your passion for a role. As a result, a prospective client is more likely to hire your services over a freelance rival.

Like any role, freelancing has many challenges you will need to eliminate. However, following the above top solutions could make you feel happier and more successful throughout the years, ensuring you look back on your career with zero regrets. When you have a handle on these challenges, you will be a happy and successful freelancer.