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Top 10 Games Like Stardew Valley- Best Simulation RPG Game Of All Time

Stardew Valley

The world of video games has made quite a few advancements and simulation games are one of them. Simulation games are a relatively newer variant and are quite loved by the audience because of their real effect.

In the simplest words, this type of game tries to replicate day-to-day activities. The reality factor makes the game much more promising and hence attracts players as well.

One such great game in this genre is the Stardew Valley. The greatness of the game has made it a benchmark of excellence.

This game was developed by Eric Barone and since then the number of players has only been rising. One of the biggest plots of this game is that it is based on a country living setting.

The major catch is that it is based on a very real-time situation where you inherit a plot after your grandfather dies. You get a few coins and some tools to sustain. The game judges how well you can do that.

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The top 10 games like Stardew Valley

Some of the most popular games which have a similar gaming genre as Stardew Valley include,

1.My Time At Portia

As wonderful as the name sounds, this game is definitely a show-stealer. This game has a very positive aura to it and hence is loved by both kids and adults.

The game is based in the town of Portia and also encounters a real-life situation. You have to restore a neglected workshop and this happens in due process.

One has to do this with the help of growing crops or even tending animals- basic farm jobs.

2.Voodoo Garden

The name of voodoo makes you a little skeptical right? But don’t worry, the game is a magnificent one and quite interesting as well.

This game is quite similar to Stardew Valley and here too you have to do basic real-life jobs. Some of the most common tasks include building your own garden and tending the same.

You also have to grow different plants that would be needed in making the potions for voodoo. If you do not know what voodoo is, it is an ancient occult practice.


This game has a real diplomatic twist to it and you get offered the best. In the morning you complete everyday tasks like being a shopkeeper and keeping up with the clients.

During the nighttime, you play as a warrior. It has a great and engaging story and hence attracts people a lot.

4.Yonder; The Cloudcatcher Chronicles

If you want to play an adventurous game with a hint of simulation, then this is the one. It is a big favorite among the players particularly due to the wonderful elements.

People also describe it to be one of the most relaxing games that they have ever engaged in. You are offered a myriad of environmental settings which makes the process all the more engaging.

5.Diaries of A Spaceport Janitor

This game is a little different from all the regular farming simulation games, yet the plot is extremely practical. The major plot of the game is a little more serious.

It actually holds up the conditions of robots in space and how the living conditions are deplorable for them. One of the most important factors about the game is that it is extremely engaging.

There won’t be even one point in the game when you would not feel the tension creeping on slowly.  Such is the story, that you will keep hooked on to the game till the very end.

6.Farming Valley: Minecraft Modpack

If you are an avid video game player, the name Minecraft will ring a bell. They have some of the most creatively planned games and Farming Valley is one of them.

You get a handy Modpack to successfully play the game in. With the help of it, you can actively plant vegetation. The game is quite similar to the other variants and hence is a very enjoyable game.

7.Slime Rancher

The concept of slime is very attractive, particularly for kids. The interface of the game is very cutely arranged and instead of planting crops, do you know what you plant?

Well, you plant poops which are referred to as Plorts in the game. Interesting right? The plot might not be identical to that of Stardew Valley. But the major concept of fun and creativity falls in the same category.

8.Farm Together

One can say that Farm Together is an industrial version of Stardew Valley. In the latter, you get offered to look after a much smaller farm.

However, in Farm Together the plethora of plants offered will mesmerize you. The best part of the game is that it is played in real-time.

Hence the planting of crops is real! There are no two ways about the fact that it is one of the most lively games you can ever play.

This is one of the primary reasons why Farm Together has been attributed as one of the top simulation games.

9.Graveyard Keeper

How does harvesting dead bodies instead of crops sound to you? Well, that is the central theme of this game.

The game does not follow similar plots like Stardew Valley. However, a very popular melting pot is the interest that the players develop.

10.Garden Paws

The name itself sounds so mystical, right? This game is absolutely like Stardew Valley, only here you take care of your grandfather’s animals.

Interesting right?

You can play the game together with your friends as well. The best part about this game is that it does not leave you with any creative limitations. You will be excited to play every single time you sign up.

Simulation games are quite an in-vogue now particularly due to the experience that it offers to the players. If you love video games and want to have a great experience, choose among these variants to have a great experience!