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What is the Longest Snap Streak? Find Top Snap Streaks Here

Snap Streak

Have you heard your friend talking about how they cannot break their snap streak? It could be annoying sometimes if you do not know the fun behind it. People who are unaware of the fun should read further to know.

What is Snap Streak?

As the use of the internet has increased, social media platforms have become a lifestyle. These platforms have helped people to stay connected with and informed. As time is passing, the number of active users of these platforms is also growing.

One such platform is Snapchat. It is extremely popular and comes with the term “Snapchat streak”. If you are new to this term, then there is no need to worry.

We can describe this “snap streak” as a Snapchat application’s trend. Here one Snapchat user snaps back and forth with the other user within 24 hours.

This has to be done for at least three days. By doing the fire, emoji appear beside the username along with numbers.

These numbers show the number of days you and the other user have snapped with each other. There are no such serious rewards for doing this.

Hence it only proves that you are using Snapchat more than your friend. Maintaining the snap streaks means keeping the number going is surely some hard work.

What is The Longest Snap Streak So Far?

As mentioned above, the number of active users of Snapchat is growing dramatically. The feature of Snapstreak was launched in the year of 2015.

It would not be incorrect to say that keeping track of the highest score is quite tough. Usually, the users keep the track of their own snap streak.

But as of the 2nd of July 2021, it is reported that the longest snap streak is 2254+. The record of having the longest snap streak belongs to Carly Buffa and Maddie.

They are still managing well to keep themselves in the top position. There are some other users on the list as well who have managed to gain their position.

Here are some who have been ranked after Carly and Maddie.

  1. Carly Buffa and Maddie – 2254 (2nd of July, 2021)
  2. Meredith and Mikayla – 2001 (3rd of July, 2021)
  3. Jack Pye and Amy Lock – 1978 (8th of July, 2021)
  4. Zack and Tarique – 1811 (4th July 2021)
  5. Jack and Cait – 1700 (3rd July 2021)

The list for maintaining the longest snap streak is endless. With every passing day, it is possible that the position might go to someone else.

Why are My Snap Streaks Not Increasing? Read Below to Know The Common Mistakes !!

Do you want your snap streak to be higher than your friend’s? Of Course who does not want that !! Maintaining the snap streak is not just challenging but a lot of hard work. This is because not every interaction will be counted.

Usually, people spend tons of time and find no changes in their Snapchat streaks. It is because users make some common mistakes that they are unaware of.

Here are some of them that you need to know about.

  • Chatting

Many users think that texting or chatting with friends on Snapchat will help their Snapchat streaks to increase. Instead, you can text each other also by snapping  them.

  • Group chats

If you think creating a group and sending snaps there would help then you are wrong. Snapchat does not count snap streaks that way. Instead, only individual snap interactions are counted

  • Adding Stories  

Just like chatting, adding stories also does not count. You need to send them to a particular user so that your streaks can be maintained.

  • Memories 

Many times people share their memories in their stories. It is important to keep in mind that doing this would not increase your streak.

  • Spectacles

Snaps that are exchanged on spectacles are not counted at all. So try not to think why your streaks are not increasing after you do this.

Snapchat has been a game-changer for social media applications. It offered features that were unique in its own way. From the dog filter to reminding the nature of memories, this platform became one of the most used applications.