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Which are the Most Popular Tools for Functional Automation Testing?



Which are the Most Popular Tools for Functional Automation Testing?

The need for “quality at speed” in software testing requires organizations to implement the right functional automation tools. Functional testing is a vital part of the software development life cycle and should be carried out with great tools for quality products at the end of the process. You need to understand that success in functional automation testing is more about avoiding mistakes and getting every testing right.

There are several reasons why you should choose automated testing over manual testing when testing the functionality of your software product. The results of automated testing are more reliable than those of the manual testing process. This is because tools are more accurate, unlike human beings prone to making errors during testing. In terms of coverage, you can achieve more test coverage with automated testing than with manual testing. The use of functional testing automation tools in automated testing makes it possible to carry out repetitive tasks more easily than when humans are entirely involved in carrying out these processes.

Below are the most popular tools for functional automation testing.

Unified Functional Testing (UFT)

UFT is one of the best and most popular commercial testing tools for functional automation. This tool provides great features for testing the API, graphic user interface and web services across different platforms. Unified Functional Testing has advanced image-based object recognition features, automated documentation and reusable test components that you can use for the functional testing of your application. It’s relatively costly due to the licensing, but the benefits of using it for functional automation testing are unmatched.

Tricentis Tosca

Tricentis Tosca is mainly used to simplify end-to-end functional testing by automating several tests across the layers of the enterprise software architecture. The layers in this testing include the mobile, API to web and packaged app user interfaces to the data warehouses. Tricentis Tosca is designed to embrace and carry out extensive application testing while continuously enabling continuous testing in the CI/CD process.

Worksoft Certify

This tool is the leading global automation software provider for high-velocity business testing and discovery. Most enterprises use this tool for intelligent automation to innovate faster, reduce costs, lower technology risks and improve the understanding of the end-to-end business processes. It can be used for functional testing of the cloud, web, mobile, big data, and other enterprise applications.

Micro Focus LeanFT

It’s one of the most powerful and lightweight functional testing automation solutions you can use for your organization’s software application. It supports a wide range of AUT technologies, and it’s specifically designed for test automation engineers and testers in the Agile teams. Micro Focus LeanFT is embedded in the standard IDEs and can integrate naturally with the QA and Dev ecosystems.


This is a commercial tool for the automated testing of mobile, web and desktop applications. Ranorex features the most advanced Graphic User Interface recognition capabilities, record playback and reusable test scripts. This tool supports Selenium integration for web application testing. You can distribute the execution of tests across several browsers and platforms using the Selenium Grid. It’s an affordable tool for different business models.

Sauce Labs

This functional automation tool provides the world’s largest secure and scalable automation for cloud testing in desktop, native, mobile web and hybrid applications. It’s a tool that helps most companies accelerate their SDLC process while improving the application quality. You can deploy this tool to over 450 OS/platform/browser combinations.


Developed by SmartBear, TestComplete is one of the most powerful commercial tools for web, desktop and mobile testing. It supports several scripting languages like Python, JavaScript, C++Script and VBScript. You can use it to perform keyword-driven and data-driven tests with just an easy-to-use record and the playback feature. Designed with great GUI object recognition, this tool can automatically detect and update User Interface objects. TestComplete reduces the effort to maintain test scripts when you change the AUT.


Selenium testing tool is probably the most popular functional automation tool for web applications. This tool comprises several components which perform a particular role in aiding the functional testing process. Selenium is highly recognized for supporting multiple system environments like Mac, Linux, Windows and Chrome and Firefox browsers. Selenese, a test domain-specific language, helps to write tests in various programming languages like C#, Perl, Ruby, Scala, Java and PHP.

Marathon Testing

This cross-platform test automation tool for web applications and Java/Swing supports test automation through scripts. This tool can create readable scripts using a specific programming language with its built-in script recorder. It provides a powerful integrated environment that can be used for managing automation testing projects. The fact that there are two products for this tool allows you to test small and complex applications with advanced features like extract-method refactoring and object map maintenance.


This is among the newest tools for functional automation testing that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help you with your testing efforts. You can train this tool on the workflow you want to test and add assertions where needed. It will perform all these tests and then adapt to your modifications while eliminating brittle tests. Mabel can detect bugs, errors, visual changes and broken links making the whole software testing as simple as possible.