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What are the Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence?

What are the Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence?

We all happen to reap the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computer scientists are also speculating that there is a bright future for AI.

Though we are all mesmerized by the new concepts like personalized shopping, automated cars, etc., are they posing any kind of threat that we are unaware of?

In order to find out if it’s hampering our real-life experiences or would be a problem for us in the near future, we need to know what AI is. What is the prime aim of AI-based machines?

AI is used in machines for imitating human activities in order to enhance and ease our daily lives. Major software companies like Microsoft, Google, IBM, Alphabet, etc. produce AI-based software.

In Spite of having so many pros on having this new AI-based technology, we should also acknowledge the darker side of AI. The major cons in knowing what are the disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence (or what are the disadvantages of AI) are as follows:

What are the Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence?

1.High cost of implementation

Setting up AI-based machines, devices, computers, etc. is very expensive, especially when you are unaware of what are the disadvantages of AI. The expenses rise on the complexity of the usage and the type of usage. The cost does not stop as repair works and maintenance takes huge amounts and can cost up to several thousands of US dollars.

The cost which Apple Company bears for its virtual assistant SIRI is quite huge. The software acquisition costs somewhere around more than 200 million US dollars.

The high cost of AI usage and implementation in various devices can be estimated as it is known to all that Alexa was acquired by Amazon for 26 million US dollars in 2013.

This AI-based software also requires regular updates in order to meet the requirements of its user in this changing digitally dependent users. The needs of the people are rising and so are the expectations.

If any software suffers a breakdown, then the whole procedure of retrieving the lost codes and then again reinstalling and rerunning the system costs a huge amount of money and time. 

This point can certainly give the answer to the question “What are the disadvantages of artificial intelligence?”

2.Can’t replace humans

Replacing humans with machines is beyond thinking. As AI is itself the creation of mankind. Human intelligence has no substitute, no matter how much you spend, how much time you incorporate one cannot change the fact that humans are nature’s creation and no one can beat nature in terms of creation.

Though machines work much more efficiently than humans in multiple aspects still they cannot think or visualize on their own.

We might get nightmares even if we think that machines are replacing humans, but honestly, mankind can only be ruined by nature, not by machines.

Machines can be rational, swift, and have the ability to perform multiple jobs at the same time but they lack compassion, moral values, and the ability to think. For this reason, humans cannot be replaced.

3.AI cannot improve on its own based on previous experiences

Unlike humans, AIs cannot improve themselves only on the basis of previous mistakes or past experiences. We, humans, rectify our faults and actions based on our past experiences, especially when we already know what are the disadvantages of AI.

However, AIs cannot improve themselves with time unlike humans, instead, they start to wear off and need to get upgraded regularly.

Machines having AIs cannot alter their responses to the changing environment. But humans can adapt themselves to the changing environment. So, whenever an error is detected or a new need has arisen the AIs need to be reassessed, re-build, or re-trained.

4.Risk of unemployment

With the rapid development being made in the field of AI, a general question that can come to anyone’s mind is will AIs increase unemployment? And what are the disadvantages of artificial intelligence? 

Though the human race cannot be overthrown by AI-based machines, simple repetitive tasks or general tasks can be easily replaced by the usage of AI-based machines.

Though creative tasks, like the building of programming codes, certain algorithms, teaching, etc., can not be replaced by machines.

We can easily relate to the frequent usage of machines instead of manual labor in our everyday lives like the use of Smart Vacuum cleaners, automatic washing machines, etc.

These simple things can give us an idea on which path the world is functioning and will function in the near future. These points can surely answer the question “What are the disadvantages of AI?”