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Ways To Connect Your Laptop to Broadband



Ways To Connect Your Laptop to Broadband

A broadband connection is an integral part of any business, allowing employees to access high-speed Internet. It can be accessed through various cable, satellite and digital subscriber lines.

Wireless technology works by sending signals from your internet provider to a wireless broadband router. If your business has a wired network, you can also connect a laptop using an ethernet cable.

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How to Connect to Broadband

Wireless Broadband

  1. In the notification area, click on the “Network” icon. It will have a series of vertical bars.
  2. Use the right-click feature on your laptop or mouse to open the list of connections.
  3. Click “Connect” on the wireless broadband connection you want to connect to.
  4. You will be prompted to enter your access point name or access string in the provided field.
  5. Enter your account login username and the password in the appropriate areas. You can get this information from your internet service company if you don’t know it.
  6. Select the “Always Connect Automatically” setting on the next screen. This will automatically connect you to the network whenever you need to get on the Internet.
  7. To finalize your broadband connection setting, click the “Continue” button to finish the step.
  8. To use your internet connection on your laptop, open up an internet browser of your choosing. Some people use Chrome or Firefox.

Troubleshooting Connection Issues

Getting online can be frustrating when your internet connection is not working. This guide will help you identify the issue and get back online. First, diagnose the issue related to your internet connection or the problem with your Wi-Fi. Then, follow the steps below to resolve the issue or get back online.

Check Internet Light

The light on your modem is usually labeled “WAN” or “Internet” and can tell the connection is on. If the light is red or not, you might have an internet signal issue. This guide will help you identify the problem and get online.

Check Wi-Fi Light

The Wi-Fi light will be near the connection light or below it if it’s a modem/router combo unit. Usually, the Wi-Fi light will be blinking and should be on. If it’s off, your connection is not receiving a signal.

Test Connection Using Ethernet Cable

If you’re on Wi-Fi, then try plugging your computer into the LAN port of your router. This will give you a better and more reliable connection. By connecting the computer to the LAN port of the modem, you’ll bypass the security measures built into the device.

If your connection is still not working after using a wired Ethernet connection, it’s likely a hardware issue or something causing your internet connection to malfunction. If it still does not work, try accessing the web using a different device.

Check for Internet Outage

Check the Down Detector website for details if you’re experiencing an internet outage. You can also contact your local internet service provider to resolve the issue. The website or service you’re trying to access might also be down. If it’s not loading correctly, it might be time to try a different website.

Getting connected to broadband Internet using your laptop is difficult to follow the few easy steps listed. Once online, you can use it to do all of your daily tasks that require internet access.