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How to Escape Prison in Bitlife

Escaping Prison in Bitlife

This how-to escape prison in Bitlife guide comes with recordings and highlights that would help you to face the challenges in the game.

But that’s not all!! The cheat maps are also available in this game so that you can finish different strips in one go.

Before that, let’s find out what Bitlife actually is? Basically, it is a portable game that is gaining recognition from all across the world. The reasons behind the popularity of this game are the little games it comes with.

It offers everything that a gamer looks forward to. Whether it is becoming a YouTuber or buying a farm, one can do anything they wish in this game.

Undoubtedly, no one wants to get stuck in prison and would want to break free. But what would you do if you don’t have any idea of escaping?

Thus, it is why this guide on how to escape prison in Bitlife is offered to ease your confusion. Hence, you would also get an opportunity to grab all the prison maps here.

How to escape all the prisons in Bitlife?

If you are a beginner, then it might look quite a daunting task to find out how to escape prison in Bitlife. But gladly, this guide will help you to get through it easily.

Starting with the main part, the player would be walking on the level plane. During this moment, the police can be closed off against the dividers in the jails.

No matter if the police moves to one side, underneath, or in any other direction, he would consistently move on the level plane only.

But if there’s a divider then know that he will not be bothering you. Guessing you are in a confused state, this is why a cheat sheet for everyone is offered in this guide.

What is the key to escaping from every Prison in Bitlife?

When you would try to get out of jail, you would get an accompanying format. These riddles can be an escaped prison in Bitlife at times.

Thus, to inform you the format would be similar. So without any further ado, let’s get to the guide of how to escape prison in Bitlife.

Find out how you can Escape Prison in Bitlife !!

The game majorly highlights the jail designs and most of them are reflected with each other.


There are many types of guides available which start from the Star and end with Leave. Each of the guides is based on the Matrix and incorporates a number of obstacles.

When you exploit the thing stated, you may have to leave the point without any issue.

Besides that, the game comes with double trouble levels including maximum and normal security. Hence, the cops can be deceived very simply.

How to escape with the help of Bitlife Prison Map Layout 3 x 4?

If you want to know how to escape prison in Bitlife, then you would have to carry the guard around the bend so that he can be trapped using the obstacles.

Thus, the game might rebuff you with many increments through the long period of living in prison.

At this point, you have to be cautious so that you can escape from jail. One thing is guaranteed, that the more you play the game, the more you learn about it.

Besides that, you also get the opportunity to become anything you want at the beginning of the game. Be it a specialist or a superstar, everything is a wish away.

How to escape with the help of Bitlife Prison Map Layout 4×4 –  first and second map!

This guide is network-based where two characters would be present. It may include you and the guard. The guard would push you towards the subsequent to identify development first.

This can be declared as the most open level. After this comes the second map where it contains both the beginning and the endpoint.

Here the detainee and the police look forward to finding a way. In this case, you would have to move in such a way that the guard does not catch you.

How to escape Bitlife prison map Layout 5×4?

This is one of the easiest layouts that a player would come across. All you have to do is move to the correct side and then switch your heading lower.

When the left way arrives, you would have to make a stride and then keep moving to the Leave till it highlights “win”.

How to escape Bitlife prison map Layout 5×5? 

Coming to this jail, it cannot be surpassed by any customary detainee. Hence, one would have to work on their own route so that they can escape.

But to make your task easier, know that the guard would be standing on the “leave” point so none can surpass him.

Here make sure to catch the guard’s attention and then get back to the beginning stage. Once you start moving again, you’ll find yourself going back to the “leave” point again!

How to escape Bitlife prison map layout 5×6?

In this prison map, there would not be any gatekeeper. You can expect him to stand close to the leaving point.

This means you have to stroll to one side first and then move vertically till the finish.

Once you reach the finish point, go to the correct side and then move till the end.

How to escape Bitlife prison map layout 5×7 – first and second map?

Getting out of prison is quite similar but yet you need to remember how to manage it. At this point, the guards would be moving twice and the bearing would move towards you.

But it is suggested to follow the red lines to move ahead. In the second map, you would get access to many ribbons.

Thus, becoming a detainee is not acceptable so everyone searches for how to escape from the prison.

Nevertheless, Bitlife is highly adjustable which allows you to choose your sex, skin tone, and even the area of birth.

Besides that, it also gives an opportunity to choose if you want to be a decent person or a crook.

The players can grab the opportunity to get exciting prizes as well.

How to escape Bitlife prison map layout 6 x 5?

Just like two fingers, both the detainee and the guard are close to each other in this game. This means, you can easily go to the “leave point” on the grounds and then you would get the right way.

Just to inform you, make sure to move to one side till the “finish” and begin moving lower. Thus, make sure to follow the divider until the end.

Lastly, remember to turn right and begin moving until you escape.