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Is Europa Universalis 4 Cross Platform Multiplayer?



Is Europa Universalis 4 Cross Platform Multiplayer?

Europa Universalis 4 is a popular historical game, where the player gets to play as a nation — and guide it through the ages.

For players that have a past experience with the game; you most likely know that there is a multiplayer functionality. And from my own experience, it can be very fun to host a multiplayer session with your friends.

But this leads us to a fundamental question; is Europa Universalis Cross Platform 4 Multiplayer?

Europa Universalis 4 Cross Platform Multiplayer

Yes, EU4 is Cross Platform Multiplayer

Paradox has recently released an update for EU4, which allows players to play cross platform — but only through starting up the game in a special way.

This means that you will be able to play the game with friends that have bought the game on the Epic Games store, or the Xbox Game Pass.

How to Enable EU4’s Cross Platform Multiplayer — Steam

To play with your friends that haven’t bought the game on the same platform, you will have to open the game a special way.

To do this, you will have to open the game up in the ‘Nakama’ version of the game.

If you, or your friend is playing on Steam — this is done when you first open the game. After pressing the ‘PLAY’ button, a window should pop up on steam.

Here, there should be three options:

  • Play Europa Universalis 4
  • Play Steam Multiplayer
  • Play Nakama Multiplayer

You will want to hit the ‘Play Nakama Multiplayer’.

As a result, you should be able to connect to Xbox Game Pass multiplayer game.

What Limitations Does Europa Universalis 4 Cross Platform Multiplayer Have?

Due to playing cross platform, there are a few restrictions placed on your multiplayer game. And there are a few downsides. Let discuss these:

Firstly, games that are run on different platforms (such as Steam and Epic Games, or Xbox Game Pass) cannot play modded games together. This means that, if you were hoping to play a special mod with your friend, you can not.

Next, there has been reports of games being laggier when using the ‘Nakama’ version of the game. This is not confirmed —  but from my experience, I have found it to be slower.

Unfortunately, there is not much that can be don’t to fix this. The only real solution is to make sure that both players have fast internet.

Europa Universalis 4 Cross Platform Multiplayer

Do DLC’s work for EU4 Cross Platform Multiplayer?

Yes, DLC’s do work when playing cross platform multiplayer within EU4. Furthermore, if whoever is hosting the game has all the DLC’s, all the other players in the lobby get them too — regardless if they own the DLC’s themselves, or not.

Yes, you heard me right; This means that if the host has purchased all the add-ons, all the other players get them for free! And, like I have said, this extends to EU4’s Cross Platform Multiplayer, which means that if you have bought all the DLC’s on Steam, and host a multiplayer game, the person on a different platform will be able to join, and play with all of the DLC’s too.

How to Get All the DLC’s Cheap as a Multiplayer Host

To acquire all the DLC’s cheap, so that you can have a fun multiplayer experience with your friends, you can purchase the EU4 subscription.

This DLC subscription gives the purchaser all the DLC’s for 1 month. All for a low price. How much does the EU4 subscription cost? Well, it currently costs $4.99 / £3.99.

It can be bought on the front page of the game, after you have booted the game up, but before selecting ‘Singleplayer’ or ‘Multiplayer’.

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