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How Are Two Way Radios Used Day To Day?



How Are Two Way Radios Used Day To Day?

Technology has greatly changed over the years, and smartphones have capabilities that we couldn’t imagine would exist 30 even years ago. Although the world has made the move towards advanced technology, radio still has a place and use. Two way radios are a reliable form of communication and can actually have more benefits than a phone. Keep reading to find out how two way radios are used day to day.


If a natural disaster occurs, you probably won’t find any signal for your smartphone. However, a two way radio can still work in these situations. Another benefit is that you can contact more than one person, in more than one location, so you can reach everyone you need to in an emergency in one go. Radios can have miles and miles of coverage, so if you needed to contact emergency services who aren’t close by, two way radios can allow you to do that.

Job Sites

Construction sites are loud, messy, and big. A smartphone would never stand a chance amongst the debris and rubble it could encounter. One drop onto the concrete and the screen could smash. This is why more sites like this continue to use two way radios. Not only are they mighty durable, but they also allow fast communication to multiple people at once. Similarly, if they were working in a remote location, they could still remain in contact with each other even if there was no phone signal. Safety is a big part of working on a job site and being able to let people know of any potential hazards immediately cuts down the risk of harm.


Schools can be like a job site. There’s noise, probably some mess and they cover a vast area so ensuring all the pupils are safe is a number one priority. All members of staff can contact each other when needed and they can help cut costs. In general, smartphones are either an expensive one-off payment, or a monthly contract repayment, so many schools are opting for two way radios instead to reduce their spending. Using a radio means the school can buy the equipment and license required, and that’s it. There aren’t any monthly payments they need to make in order to have enough service or coverage, so radios can be a lot more cost-effective.

Customer Service

Working in customer service is very fast-paced and you have to be on your feet pretty much the whole time. For the team to work effectively, they need to be able to communicate quickly and effectively. This is why many places like restaurants and shops are moving over to two way radios. Their reliability means any information can be fed out to the team immediately to ensure a smooth running of the business. Using a smartphone might seem like a good idea, but when multiple conversations are going on at once in the work group chat, people may start to ignore the messages. This means they run the risk of missing out on an important update. Whereas using two way radios allows all information to be fed directly to who it needs to be, and you can be sure they’ve received it.

Two way radios can offer a cost-effective solution to communication problems and are suitable for various workplaces. You might even consider them for personal use such as hiking. A mobile phone could lose signal and cut you off from the outside world. But a two way radio means you’ll always have an open line of communication should you need it. Two way radios can still play a vital part in our lives and show us that we don’t need to be reliant on the most advanced technology and the latest mobile phone. Why not try picking a radio up and you’ll soon see the positive effects it can have on your daily communication.