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Simple Ways to Attract More Instagram Followers

Simple Ways to Attract More Instagram Followers

Getting new followers for your Instagram account is not easy today, and it takes a long time and a lot of effort. That’s why we list these simple strategies for you to easily get noticed on Instagram.

When posting high-quality posts can not easily attract users like 10 years before, more and more people start to buy the Instagram followers from the best site to buy Instagram followers, even though they know it does not comply with Instagram’s guidelines. But have you ever thought that you can also get followers without purchasing? Keep reading and you will find how.

Use Different Kinds of Content Types

Recent years have seen a significant increase in Instagram’s emphasis on broadening the kinds of material that are available on the site. Imagery, videos, tales, reels, IGTV, and guidelines are just a few of the content kinds that may be used now: If you utilize a greater number of them, the greater the likelihood that your profile will get attention.

Maintain a professional appearance and well-selected material in your feed. In contrast, tales enable you to display more ‘behind the scenes’ type material. Their use provides you with the opportunity to express your individuality and establish a more personal connection with your audience members.

In terms of reaching new audiences and gaining followers, reels have tremendous potential. The reason for this is because reels have the potential to become viral and reach thousands of individuals. They are a lot of fun to make and you have nothing to lose by trying them out. Don’t be turned off by the fact that they don’t get as many free Instagram likes and comments as to other types of social media.

Work With Micro-Influencers

“Micro” is the important term here. If you are attempting to build your motivational speaking business via Instagram, do not contact a superstar and request that he promote your Instagram account. The fact that he is not interested in supporting you is just a result of a lack of availability on his part. In addition, it’s likely that he doesn’t even have an Instagram account of his own, to begin with.

Finding influencers with less than a hundred thousand followers but more than ten thousand followers is the key to getting them to promote your article on their social media accounts. Accounts in this category are large enough to have a respectable following, but not so huge that they would demand significant amounts of money for a shout-out from a larger audience.

You’ll want to consider the engagement rate of micro-influencers when choosing which ones to work with when deciding which ones to collaborate. It is possible to determine this by looking at the number of followers they have and the number of likes they get on each of their posts. Individuals with an engagement rate of at least 10% are the best candidates for you.

Take Advantage of Instagram Stories

Instagram stories have quickly risen to become the most popular feature on the site, with 500 million people each day using the function. There is even speculation that Instagram stories will eventually take over as the primary feature.

You may submit a combination of pictures and images in a single post that will be deleted after 24 hours if you don’t respond to it. Although they have a short shelf life, their advantages may endure much longer in terms of increasing your reach and engagement rates, increasing your chances of appearing in the Explore area, and resulting in the acquisition of new free Instagram followers.

Using tales may help your business seem more genuine and accessible, as well as generate a feeling of urgency that encourages visitors to return to your site and interact with it.

While live stories are great for attracting attention since they are occurring in real-time, prerecorded tales are ideal for providing in-depth coverage of your items, running one-time quickfire promotions, or sharing personal experiences with your audience.

Some of the most compelling tales make use of the “FOMO” effect that stories generate by providing sneak peeks, while others rely on interactive features and creative writing to keep viewers engaged.

Always keep in mind that 60 percent of Instagram stories are viewed with sound turned on, so be sure you invest in a high-quality audio experience for your followers.

Geotag Your Posts or Stories

You may not have been aware that by include your geographic location in your Instagram posts and Stories, you may increase the likelihood of them being discovered. The “location tag,” often known as a geotag, identifies the location in which you are now located or the area where the video or picture was shot. Besides that, it allows you to categorize your postings, with all of the material associated with a certain place being tagged as such.

In this case, if you own a small business, you may want to use geotags to direct visitors to your brick-and-mortar shop and to encourage them to follow you on social media platforms like Instagram. Using the location sticker in your stories will allow you to contribute to the place’s Story, feed, and hashtags, which will be visible to everyone.