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How To Choose the Best Mobile Phone



How To Choose the Best Mobile Phone

Choosing a smartphone is still a big deal especially in India. We always consider the best phone with lots of features but at a cheap price. There are different types of people, whose choice of smartphone is also different. Some prefer the best camera; some prefer RAM and most of them choose smartphones by their operating system. Because their purpose of buying a smartphone is different, they choose smartphones; some buy phones to click best pictures and post on Instagram and want to get free Instagram followers trial; some people buy a phone for gaming purposes and some others choose a long lasting phone. In this article we compare the phones features according to the choice of preferences.

Operating System:

There are two types of OS; Android and iOS. Most of the users are using Android as there are lots of companies who use Android so that there are lots of options available with various price. But iOS is only used by Apple. If you enjoy interfering with mobile then Android is best for you and if you like to use a simple and powerful OS then iOS is best for you.

RAM and Processor:

Processor is the brain of any smart phone so before choosing any smartphone it is very important to check its processor. The seamless function of your system and enhancing capacity of other factors depend on the capacity of the processor. Some best processors are Kirin 990, Exynos 990, Apple A13 and Snapdragon.

Now coming to RAM, it controls system memory and the speed of the smartphone. As much as higher RAM you use, your mobile is working faster. Though it totally depends on brand, if you are using an IPhone, it’s obvious that 4GB RAM works better than any other company’s 8GB RAM. Processor and RAM is important especially when you are using the phone for gaming purposes not for the Instagram followers hack.


In 2021, you can’t find any smartphone with a single rear camera that launches. There are multiple rear cameras with high quality lenses with wide angle shooters. Again, it comes into quality if you thought only higher MP cameras are the best then you are totally wrong. IPhone’s 16 MP camera is better than other company’s 32 MP cameras. If you are buying the phone just for taking pictures and making videos and want to increase your followers then we suggest you don’t buy any phone because of their camera quality. You can increase your followers by signing on Ins Followers without any charge.

Screen Size and Type:

Some people prefer large size phones, some prefer them according to their aspect ratio. There are two types of display: AMOLED and LCD. Super AMOLED solves any kind of issues of prominence under sunlight.

Battery Life:

There are a huge number of people who prefer smartphones because of their long battery life. People who prefer a phone that is easy to carry should use 5.5-6 inches phones with a battery life of 3000-3500 mAh. And those people who are using phones for playing games, watching videos should use more than 6.5 inches phones with a battery life of more than 4200 mAh.