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IoT and Gaming – A World of Unlimited Possibilities!

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Just a couple of years ago, a game took the whole world by storm. Everyone was so hooked up to the game that they actually took leaves from their jobs to catch the cute little monsters in their neighbourhood. Yes! I’m talking about Pokemon Go.

One of the crucial reasons why it became a hit was the amalgamation of IoT with gaming. It gave real-time updates, which made it even more interesting to play. IoT also allowed a multiplayer version where you could play live with your friends on your phone!

But, what is IoT?

IoT stands for Internet of Things, where the internet connects with all the devices you own together. How does Siri know to play your favourite music list as soon as you wake up?

And how does it know to connect to your car’s GPS the moment you sit in your car? It is the Internet of Things doing its magic for you! From cloud storage to any device that allows access to that information, IoT does everything for you.

How has it changed the gaming world?

Haven’t we all spent our childhood playing Nintendo games? We remember exactly how Mario looks. No matter how much time we spent, we knew that it was just a game for fun. With the entry of IoT in the gaming industry, the barrier between virtual and reality diminished.

Enhanced graphics with connectivity is giving way to virtual reality and augmented reality. It’s not just gaming anymore. With the upgrade, people are making a career out of these just-for-fun games. The industry leads are also providing new and well-equipped consoles to match up to the demands.

Games on smartphones

With the advent of IoT, smartphones are being designed in a way to accommodate gamers requirements. With bigger screens, easy touches, huge memory, the current model smartphones are advanced with massive capacities.

Gaming has also become pretty affordable. Unlike yesteryear, you don’t have to purchase an Xbox or PSP to get the fine experience. The games come with basic versions and can be played anywhere as long as you have an internet connection to your device.

Socialise while gaming

It is for all the introverts or basically anyone who doesn’t like to socialise. You don’t have to go through those boring media websites to find friends online. Make friends while playing just the game you love and find like-minded ones here.

The games come with a multiplayer feature; you can choose to play with your friends and family in real-time. The gaming developers are also developing games that bring the demographics together. It gives the players a sense of belongingness.

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Final thoughts

These are just a few opportunities mentioned from the massive lot. Apart from socialising and gaming, IoT and games have paved their path in learning and education. The games are interactive and fun, all while the kids learn new things from them. When looked at how far this industry has reached, one can only say it has more positives than negatives