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How is Digital Reading Different from Print Reading?

Digital Reading Different from Print Reading

Do you know your child well enough when they are reading online? As times have changed, people have shifted from print reading to digital reading. People hardly know the outcomes of on-screen reading compared to printed ones.

Though print readings have been with us ever since education existed, whereas digital reading has made things easier.

But what is the actual difference they both offer? If you are looking forward to knowing the difference they come with, please go through the following sections where we’ve discussed the same.

  • Feeling of Books

When people use print books, it gives them a feel of books. Readers love this feeling which is lacking in ebooks. Meaning they can hold the book and carry it. Besides, they can turn the pages and feel the paper as well, which is absent when you go digital.

Ebooks do not provide such a feeling. All one does is scroll or swipe to turn the pages. There is no such feeling compared to what books give a reader.

  • Hard to Carry

When talking about print books, they can be hard to carry. Sometimes not all information or books of your choice are available in a single place. You might end up needing more than one book. Sometimes storing them also becomes an issue.

On the other hand, ebooks are easy to carry and store. You can keep thousands of ebooks on a single device. Besides, there is no need to fear the ebooks getting lost. Also, you would have an entire library at your fingertips.

  • Cost Comparison

Usually, print books are expensive in comparison to ebooks. You might end up liking a novel that costs hundreds of bucks. People often spend a lot of money renting books or buying memberships of libraries. On the other hand, ebooks are really cheap.

The ebook stores often have most of the books available. This means you would not have to rush here and there to search for them. For example- you can purchase Charles Dickens: The complete works as ebooks for just $2.99.

Whereas, if you wish to get the hardcover, then the actual price you have to pay is $5.95.

  • Cost of Publishing

Ebooks have been seen to eliminate the traditional cost of publishing. On the other hand, it imposes other costs.

This includes formatting the books properly so that they can be downloaded. Besides, when the book is published on the internet, a small percentage of it goes to the online seller.

  • Distraction

Reading e-books leads to distraction. This means a person is reading a book and suddenly receives a message. They would simply switch back to replying to the message or start a conversation.

This might end up diverting his attention to other things. Whereas, print readings avoid such problems. A person’s total attention is given to the book they are reading. Plus, it helps in understanding the context in a better way.

  • Eye Problems 

Traditional books have been existing for decades but they are less demanding. The introduction to ebooks has taken over the platform for years now. But when talking about the difference, it would not be wrong to say that ebooks can lead to eye strain.

People often read ebooks on their devices from a closer view. They even turn off the brightness to the lowest. All this can lead to several eye problems.

Final Words

As times have changed, both print and digital readings have been established in everyone’s life. Digital readings have helped in gaining access to a lot of information quickly. Whereas some people still can’t get over enjoying the feel of books- and as a result, the argument continues- which one is better and why?