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What Does 4029357733 Or 402-935-7733 Mean On My Credit Card Statement?



What Does 4029357733 Or 402-935-7733 Mean On My Credit Card Statement

Everybody fears fraud and the risks where their privacy is invaded. Guess you are here because an unknown credit card statement has left you alarmed?

Therefore to aid your issue, here is some information gathered together which will help you understand what it means if you see 402-935-7733 or 4029357733 on your credit card or bank statement.

What is 4029357733 or 402-935-7733 and the address added along with it?

4029357733 or 402-935-7733 is basically the customer support phone number for PayPal. It occurs in an individual’s bank or credit card statement when a new purchase is made using PayPal.

Sometimes the number may appear as 4029357733 while the other times it may appear 402-935-7733. The appearance of the number totally depends and varies from one credit card company to another.

Besides that, there are times when your statement would also show an address listed as North First Street San Jose CAUS, including the charge. Also, there could be mention of zip codes like 95131. If you see the same, then know that it is probably the address of PayPal’s headquarters.

402-935-7733: Is This Number Legit or Fraud? Is 4029357733 a fraudulent charge? Should one be worried if they receive this in their credit card statement? 

In most cases, if you find 402-935-7733 or 4029357733 appearing in your credit card statement, then know that it is legitimate. It is probably an online purchase that you made using PayPal. Just because the Merchant’s name is not included in the statement, it does not mean that it is a fraud.

Sometimes PayPal indicates the name of the merchant in the credit card statement. For instance, the name of the merchant would be shown in the place of ” XXXX “. It could be a daunting task to decipher the name of the Merchant as they mostly appear in shortened or abbreviated form.

Most of the time, the name of the store from where you made the purchase would be shown differently in the statement. This happens when you make a purchase from small vendors where the name appears is the name of an individual.

Moreover, there is always a possibility that someone has used your credit card or debit card number to make a purchase using PayPal. This is when the number appearing on the statement would not be declared as legitimate and you should immediately talk to your credit card or bank account company.

Tips to determine if 4029357733 or 402-935-7733 is legitimate or a scam !! 

Wondering if 4029357733 or 402-935-7733 is legitimate or a scam? Well then check out these tips below to recognize the charge

  • Recall big events – if you received a charge,  then think of the big events where you could have made a purchase.

This includes a wedding, traveling, or any occasion.

  • Search for receipts – check for receipts of purchase in your email to ensure that it was you who made the purchase.

You can also make your task easier by using the search function in the email.

  • Made donations – did you make any donations recently? There are many organizations that accept donations through PayPal.

So try to recall a time when you made donations using this platform.

  • Login PayPal account – you can simply log in to your PayPal account and check for the details of the corresponding charge made with a similar amount and on the same day.

This will help you to get details like the Merchant, contact information, and more.

  • Check eBay – the next thing you can do is log in to your eBay account.

Then check the purchases that you have made using this platform on a similar date.

  • Amount size – the size of the amount will also determine the legitimacy and fraudulence.

If a greater amount is charged, then the chances of fraud are higher. While if a smaller amount is charged, the chances of fraud are probably low.

Despite trying all the tips mentioned above, if you still find it difficult to recognize the status of 4029357733 or 402-935-7733, then it is recommended to contact your bank account or credit card company. Furthermore, if you have a Paypal account, then you can also file a dispute directly using it.