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What is a Common Misconception about Agile and DevOps?

What is a Common Misconception about Agile and DevOps

Agile and DevOps are the most widely known methodologies that have similar aims, however, sometimes they are very commonly misunderstood.

Without any further introduction, to clear the doubt regarding what is a common misconception about agile and DevOps here is some essential information gathered together.

To elaborate things in a better way, first, let’s understand what is agile and DevOps? 

What is Agile? 

You must have come across the question, what is a common misconception about agile and DevOps? However, the answer can only be received if you truly understand these terms first.

Thus, to start the explanation- Agile can be defined as a software development methodology that gained popularity in 2001 and is known to replace the “waterfall” technique which is a traditional method.

It involves a continuous iteration of development and testing in the SDLC process. Moreover, it breaks the product into smaller pieces and integrates them for final testing.

Agile basically comes with four values and twelve principles which focus on building the culture of software development. To add more to the functionalities, this methodology promotes leadership, teamwork, and accountability which by far ensembles the idea of better workflow, system integrity, and increased productivity.

What is DevOps? 

Now that you have discovered the first part, here comes another one that will help to clear the misconception about Agile and DevOps. To start with, DevOps can be defined as practices, a set of philosophies and tools gathered together which provides top quality software delivery to meet the organizational goals in the easiest way.

The main focus of this methodology is to bring the team of software development and information technology close together and work collaboratively to perform at the highest levels.

This technique helps in allowing deploying code to production faster and in an automated way. Moreover, this also enhances the delivery speed of the application and services of an organization.

Not to mention, DevOps can also be defined as an alignment of development and IT operations that further establishes the idea of seamless integration of technology and functionality of a company.

Now that you know what both Agile and DevOps mean, let’s find out what is a common misconception about Agile and DevOps? 

Some Common Misconceptions about Agile and DevOps!!! 

The state of agile and DevOps have changed a lot in recent years. This is why the doubt- “what is the common misconception about agile and DevOps?” has stood up as the biggest question. If you had a similar query, then reading the following should clear things up for you.

  • Agile and DevOps are Synonyms? 

Agile and DevOps both are known to help you streamline the development and release process. However, people think that they both are synonyms as well.

The process of agile is followed by the development team while the total change in the culture of the organization can be brought through DevOps.

Besides that, Agile is known to break the software development project into small series and repeat processes.

Everything is performed in short sprints when it comes to Agile so that errors can be identified and fixed quickly.

On the other hand, DevOps is a philosophy where the development and operation teams are brought together. Concluding this shows that agile and DevOps are very different from each other.

  • They are technologies to be bought 

Another biggest misconception about agile and DevOps is that one can purchase these off-shelf solutions that implement agile and DevOps. Undoubtedly there are tools that can be useful in reaching the goals set of agile and DevOps.

It would not be wrong to say that both the methodologies need a broader culture change that cannot be bought or installed. Still, confused? Well, Agile needs one to think and restructure the entire process of software development.

No matter if it is the executive or the developer, everyone has to commit to the agile development cycle. This also means you can get any required tool or solution to achieve agile. On the other hand, DevOps is defined as a Holistic methodology.

This means it needs a complete shift related to how and what you think about development and IT operations. Everyone in the company has to understand the importance of collaboration and automation so that DevOps can be achieved.

  • Do DevOps need Agile? 

If you ask anyone what is the common misconception about agile and DevOps? The first answer they would give is saying that DevOps needs agile which is completely incorrect.

DevOps is faster software delivery which can be associated with agile. But the truth is it is not needed for DevOps. It is independently applied during the stage of software development.

  • Can DevOps replace Agile? 

It is unarguably true to say that Agile and DevOps are not mutually exclusive. When someone believes that DevOps can replace Agile, it is similar to believing that cold drinks can replace the ice.

People can have both of them independently but still, they both can work together to form better results.

One can give a simple start with Agile and once the organization is built more, they can adopt more of the DevOps principles. Last but not least DevOps is basically an extension of Agile.

  • DevOps or Agile – which is Better? 

Some believe the fact that DevOps is better than Agile when it comes to the delivery of the software.

In reality, it is not !! Both of the methodologies are designed differently and help the organization in a different way.

They can be declared as complementary to each other. On the other hand, they can never be declared contradictory.

These common misconceptions just degrade the value of Agile and DevOps which is completely unfair.

It is because they both are useful and have their own benefits. Like said earlier, agile and DevOps are complementary and when brought together, they can be beautifully used.

To Conclude…

Agile’s main focus lies on software development, while DevOps focuses on testing and delivering software. They can be used together to bring enhanced results during the software delivery process. 

To be precise, it increases speed in releases, improvising collaboration, enhancing customer satisfaction and software stability. 

Moreover, now that you know what is the common misconception about agile and DevOps, it can be expected from you to share it with others. Make sure that no one else thinks or carries the same misconception in their mind.