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5 Pro Resume Development Tips for Maintenance Manager



5 Pro Resume Development Tips for Maintenance Manager

The profession of Maintenance Manager has interested numerous people in recent years. Subsequently, we can see many individuals thinking of it as a career choice to begin their professional journey.

As indicated by a review done by Zippia, almost 170,658 individuals are at present working as maintenance managers in the United States. These figures are lucrative, making maintenance management a decent choice of career for young professionals.

You could have the skills and expertise that can get you a maintenance manager’s profile. But you might not find work if you do not have a maintenance job resume developed that encapsulates your experiences.

We are aware of this and that resume building isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Consequently, we have a list of 5 pro tips that would help you in the resume-building process:

  • Outline your resume using a suitable format

You can begin laying out your resume in a reverse chronological resume design. It is the most popular and widely accepted way of writing a resume.

It is important to make the outline first for a professional presentation of your capacities, experience, and schooling. It works the best when you have substantial work experience and no career gaps.

You could go with a functional resume if you have career gaps or have switched or intend to switch to a new domain of work. 

  • Mention your professional details in bullet points

There was a time when long paragraphs were used to depict professional experience and they worked. But nowadays, a hiring manager would not spend additional energy in reading long paragraphs when he/she has to go through many resumes on a day-to-day basis.

It is best to present the information in an easy-to-read fashion. Using a bullet-point style format serves the purpose.

It significantly improves the readability of the resume. Further, the following points could be kept in mind while drafting:

  • Begin sentences with a power verb
  • Use numbers to quantify your points
  • Bold important information
  • Club similar points under one heading
  • Create separate sections for key skills and technical skills

You need to add relevant skills and highlight them appropriately to grab the recruiter’s attention. For that, create separate sections for your technical and key skills in your maintenance manager resume.

  • Highlight keywords and essential information

Most companies use the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to filter the most relevant resumes for saving time and effort. The ATS is programmed by the hiring manager with keywords specific to the industry and the role.

Hence, we recommend using technical keywords in your resume that will help you parse through the ATS with ease. 

Further, highlighting keywords and other essential information will also help you pass get shortlisted for the next round.

  • Proofread before applying

The final and the most important step to be followed before applying is to proofread your resume. It is an essential step as a small spelling error or punctuation mistake could cost you an opportunity.

Hence, always proofread your resume before applying with a calm mind.

Key Takeaways:

  • Outline your Maintenance Manager resume in a suitable format. You could choose a reverse chronological resume or a functional format.
  • Use bullet points to depict your professional experience and details effectively.
  • Create separate sections for your Technical and Key skills.
  • Highlight essential information and technical keywords.
  • Proofread your resume with a focused mind.