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5 Reasons to Buy a Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla

Are you willing to buy a car? No doubt, standing in the market for a new car brings numerous options which as a result gets confusing.

People often buy a car after doing some research on its features and according to the number of units sold in the world. Then, there’s a little less chance of not knowing about the Toyota Corolla.

From India to the US, Corolla models are seen everywhere. Should you choose Toyota Corolla over the competition? Yes, but why? Here are 5 reasons why buying a Toyota Corolla is worth the value.

1.Its widely available

The Toyota Corolla is the most widely available car globally and has reached massive numbers in terms of getting sold. This vehicle is the daily driver of millions of people worldwide.

Continuous innovation by Toyota means Corolla gets updated to keep up with the steady global demand. Each new generation has something new every time for its users.

Thus, the reason behind its sold units is the upgrade in production and the trusted Corolla name across the globe. Ensuring safety this user-friendly car always stays top in the list of competitions.

2.Great gas mileage

Gas mileage is one of the important factors when someone wants to buy a new car. In this case, one can opt for Toyota Corolla without any second doubt.

The Toyota Corolla gets 31 mpg in the city and 40 on the highway. Be it the 1.8-liter or 2.0-liter Corolla engine, it kicks out 169 horsepower and 151 lb-ft of torque which is fulfilling.

It also has the feature of shutting off the engine in traffic, thus resulting in saving more fuel. Therefore, the Toyota Corolla keeps getting better.

3.Plenty of standard features

Buying the Toyota Corolla means not missing out on any big features. Be it the standard Wi-Fi hotspot, voice recognition feature, BlueTooth, a six-speaker stereo, Apple CarPlay / Android Auto smartphone connectivity, touchscreen interface, all these add to the feature of this car.

Many drivers appreciate these simple designs as they are easy to operate even by someone with no or less experience. It has twin exhaust outlets, a larger set of 18-inch performance wheels, nice-looking LED headlights, and has exotic sound.

The Toyota Corolla is mostly loved by youngsters as it offers a compelling sound system that comes with a JBL premium audio system along with 9 speakers. Thus, Toyota Corolla can turn heads with just one start.

4.Top safety pick

In the year 2013, as compared to many other cars, Toyota has more IIHS top safety picks. It has also earned a five-star overall safety rating due to its excellent impact protection facility.

Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 gives drivers more assurance about the collection of avoidance accidents. Its pedestrian detection, active lane control, pre-collision warning along with automatic emergency braking, radar cruise control, adapting headlights, and blind-spot warning, adds to the features of the Toyota Corolla.

Therefore, safety must be the top concern feature of any vehicle and that’s what customers get with Toyota Corolla.

5.Affordable commuter car

Even with so many features and categories, Corolla has something for every buyer at an affordable price. What other good deal can one expect for such a high-quality car.

Therefore, not only is it affordable but the maintenance costs of this car are also low.

Final Words

Toyota has globally become the leader in the automobile world and has never failed to satisfy customers every year with new launches.

Undoubtedly, The Toyota Corolla is good enough to attract millions of customers each year. Thus, Toyota has always put its customers first and so the fierce loyalty with Toyota customers is unbreakable.