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5 Reasons Why Android Is Better Option Than iPhone

Why Android Is Better Option Than iPhone

There are numerous options when it comes to buying a new phone. In this case, people often choose between two operating devices- Android and iPhones. A bunch of competitors is waiting in the wings, so it becomes difficult to choose the best phone.

And so the debate between Android and iPhone are endless. With this in mind, we have come up with a discussion on Why is Android better than iPhone? Why should you prefer Android over iPhone?

For those who are choosing between iPhone and Android devices, here are some reasons why one should choose Android over iPhone.

1.A lot more choices in Android hardware

Android choices cover a wide range of shapes, sizes, price points, and feature sets, whereas Apple offers only three hardware choices. The iPhone covers two sizes, big and bigger, and two price ranges, expensive and really expensive. Above all the worst part is that iPhone users rarely get any discounts.

Therefore, the tagline used for Android,”Be Together. Not the Same”, makes sense as it offers different phone models at affordable prices around the world.

Android also provides a back button which is helpful in many ways like returning quickly to a previous screen and even working across apps. Whereas the iPhone has no universal button that helps you to step back.


The level of customization of Android has always been of its strongest points and it allows you to pick your own level of customization. Whereas, Apple maintains a homogenous software and hardware by keeping control of the default apps.

Apart from that, icons on the Android home screen represent individual items that aren’t apps like one can have a shortcut on the home screen to PDFfiles, electronic tickets, etc. Whereas, icons on the iPhone home screen are shortcuts for individual apps like one needs to open first and then look for it.

Most people opt for flexibility. Therefore, that is what Android users enjoy.

3.USB-C is the future

Android phones use USB Type- C ports for charging and have access to an extremely large universe of ports. It enables fast wired charging on Android phones. Whereas, charging an iPhone needs a cable with Apple’s proprietary lightning port which means one cannot share the same set of cables with other devices.

Therefore, Android chargers are universal, versatile, and useful while on the other hand, Apple’s lightning cables have the tendency to break while those pricey lightning cables are not optional.

4.You can replace the launcher

The most frustrating aspect of using an iPhone is its inflexible home screen. One gets one icon per app, which you can turn into folders on multiple screens but not as you want. Therefore, it seems like solving a 15-square puzzle while rearranging their order.

By contrast, on Android, it is very easy to replace the default launcher. One can not replace the default launcher but also with the one that you prefer.

5.Prices to fit your need

Last but not the least, budget-friendly is what everyone wants with a handful of features and benefits. The exclusive nature of Apple is in contrast to the inclusive nature of Android.

Android offers its users a wide variety of devices with different specifications and designs at reasonable prices. Thus, Android is affordable and budget-friendly that gives people a true smartphone experience. Whereas, iPhones are much more expensive with fewer options.

Final Words

However, there is much more you can do on Android than on iPhone. One can get an awesome experience with android devices without breaking the bank.

No doubt, Android has worldwide dominance because of its affordability. Therefore, if you want a pocket-friendly device, you can opt for Android.