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7 Potential Tips for Leveling Magic in OSRS



7 Potential Tips for Leveling Magic in OSRS

Most of the players who play Old School RuneScape and are not experts in leveling may need some tips. Since magic level plays important role-playing against magic damage, teleporting, enchanting items, and even money-making via High-Level Alchemy.

You will get to learn the best ways of osrs moneymaking in the game, and it’s vital to know how to level up this skill and get expertise.


It has been controversial in OSRS but is still an effective tool for magic,especially at lower levels. Players equip items that total minus 65 magic attacks while splashing. While turning on auto-retaliate, you can attack weak opponents that other players can’t target. You have to ensure the interaction with the game client to avoid hidden update that makes splashing harder to do on occasion.


This leveling tip works for both, whether a free or paid player, but it’s an expensive method in terms of coins. You can purchase staff of air for this method to decrease the expense of spell casting. However, casting Lumbridge Teleport, Falador teleport, and Varrock Teleport is the way for free players. While pay-to-play players can earn 80,000 experiences an hour using Camelot teleport.

3.Pest Control

This method is best for gaining magic experience and a very safe way. You can use this mini-game to train magic to cast Ice Burst, providing a much magic experience. When fighting with maniacal monkeys on Ape Atoll, Ice Burst can be helpful for training.

4.Leather Tanning

You must complete the Hard Fremenik Diary to get access to the lunar spellbook that’s important to use this method of leveling magic. You may then cast Tan leather to gain 81 magic experiences per cast. If you are smart enough, then you may buy and sell materials at the Grand Exchange by using this method.

It would be best to avoid scams while buying or selling items of your goods, and then you may not be able to make a profit but 120,000 experiences per hour.

5.High-Level Alchemy

If you want to gain experience and try this method, spell high-level alchemy converts items into coins, and choosing the right item will save crafty players from loss.It will help if you go to the Alchemist’s room in the Mage Training Arena with no rune costs for the magic spell to decrease costs. This way, players can convert the items they have collected during training by using this method.

6.Stringing Jewelry

Get access to the lunar spellbook and cast the spell String Jewelry with the help of this method that provides 150,000 magic experiences per hour but 6,265 crafting experiences. You must have a huge supply of amulets to work with this method and mud battlestaff to reduce costs.

7.Early Combat

You may need not spend real money to level up the magic, but you have to remember where to engage in combat. If you are playing free, then strike spells are perfect for you. While elemental staves can help you cover expensive casting costs as you gain two magic experiences per cast.