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A Guide for Buying Used CNC Machines



Buying a used CNC machine is better than a brand-new machine. But purchasing a used CNC machine is not always an easy task. However, if you find the right one, it can save you. It is also a smarter and more economical way to invest with huge returns.

Buying Used CNC Machines

Maybe you don’t know how to analyze and diagnose a used CNC machine before buying a used machine. Many CNC Machines for sale are available in the market but buying from a reputable online intermediary can save you. Before you dash out some used CNC machines, there are some important things to consider before buying process. This guide will help you to make the best decision.

Compare Information on the data Sheet

No matter which type of CNC machine you will buy, there must be a data sheet placed on the machine’s back panel. This sheet provides an overview of the primary functions and options. The most notable information is the machine serial number, by which you can also contact the original equipment manufacturer for more information about the machine. Moreover, it also helps you to know the real owner of the equipment and about the use of the machine since its purchase.

Request for Manuals

Manual in a used CNC Machine has the potential to save you from so many mishaps. The manual machine is quite different in the machine’s programming, electrical, maintenance, and other aspects. Another benefit is that you don’t need to pay for the least fault in the machine.

Machine Updates

CNC Machines are machines that are programmed to be updated. In search of a used CNC machine, you should take an interest in the machine updates. Before buying, make sure it has been upgraded according to your needs. The availability of components and the upgrading of parts is the important aspect that you should look out for.

Tolerance Level

Deviation from actual measurement is a thing that can’t be entirely avoided in the manufacturing process. It is uncontrolled factors such as increased machine temperature, vibration, and humidity level. The used machine never gives you 100 % accuracy and precision. CNC machines’ most accepted tolerance level is around 0.001 -0.002 in.

When the deviation is more prominent at this range, it tells no matter how professionally you may be at your work, parts produced from the machine are unusable.

Examine the Spindle Time

Must examine the spindle time before buying the used CNC machine. It is important to note how long the spindle has been doing a similar job for its old owner. The machine time will provide you an idea about the used parts, and you can estimate whether parts are due for replacement or not.

Inspect the Linear Guides

Examining the full length of the groove is another way to ensure that you are using a second-hand CNC machine. Lack of lubrication can lead to pitter linear guides that damage the turkle. You may need to remove the entire axis for a better view

Bottom Line

All the areas mentioned above must be examined before buying a Used CNC machine. All these points will ensure the quality of the machine for which you are paying.