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How to Open AAE file in Windows?



How to Open AAE file in Windows?

If you are curious to know what are AAE files, then it’s prevalent that the AAE files are unique to iOS 8 and the new version of macOS systems. It is a type of file that keeps records of different unique details of the file in iOS.

It secures any transfers of edits from ios to macOS and therefore the file can be bought into original form whenever required. The information in such files is saved in XML format and can be opened with the help of an AAE file opener or viewer.

In simple words, it is a unique Apple XML file that stores unique data about a file along with its modification. The file allows you to delete the modified/edited version of files if wanted while keeping the original file intact.

How to Open AAE files on PC, Android, or Windows?

To know how to open AAE file in Windows, double click on it from the Windows file explorer and if there is an accurate reading software located then it will automatically read the file and open it. However, if there is no reading software for it, then it has to be manually searched for in JPEG format and open it.

The AAE file can be opened with the help of various editor software from Windows as well as android however it cannot be altered by these devices. The AAE file opener/viewer which is unique to the latest version of macOS can only edit and operate the edited AAE file.

Therefore, if edited AAE files are opened through ordinary files, they will open in their original state. And if you want to transfer them then you have to first convert them into JPEG to transfer them.

If you are curious about how to open AAE files on a PC with Windows, then here are certain steps that will help you open and use these files in your Windows as well as transfer them from an older version of iOS which doesn’t support AAE files.

  • Upload the files to DropBox. And email the files from DropBox to yourself.
  • After receiving the file, save it in jpeg format, it will enable you to transfer this file to any device.
  • Now, if you want to edit the file using any other app than the native one. And then the file will be saved in JPEG format rather than AAE.
  • If you want to edit it in the native app, then after editing email it to yourself save it as JPEG, and transfer it whenever and wherever it is required- even this can work as an AAE file opener.
  • You can share the pictures on different social media and save them into your device in JPEG format. Use third-party software like SnapSeed, which is extremely helpful in converting AAE files to jpeg. Now you know how to open an AAE file on a PC as well as how to share and transfer it.

We’ve already discussed how to open AAE  files in Windows, however, to convert certain pictures from iPhone to jpeg format, here are the necessary steps. You are already well acquainted with what are AAE files, and now would be able to easily perform the steps, hopefully.

  • Open the image from the computer and open the paint.
  • Save the file in JPEG format by going to save as an option.
  • If you want to export the file, then go to the export option choose the relevant option and click on ok.

In the above, like we learn what are AAE files, many might think if they are safe? Yes, AAE files are safe and they don’t even take much space. The AAE viewer is also safe. After you have converted the AAE file into JPEG on your PC or Android device you can delete the AAE file as you will still be able to see the photos.

The best and unique thing about the AAE file is that it keeps the original file along with the edited versions of it. It allows you to go back to your original file if you don’t like the edited version. This has helped people in many ways. Hopefully, you have learned how to open the AAE file in Windows and also got the answer to how to open the AAE file on a PC!