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Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Examples in Daily Life



Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Examples in Daily Life

If by any chance you stumbled upon this article just after looking up the term “Artificial Intelligence” on any search engine like Google, Opera Mini, etc. then you seem to have used artificial intelligence.

Even while doing normal daily activities like texting or booking a cab ride via Uber or Ola you must have noticed that sometimes our misspelled words are auto-corrected by using AI(Artificial intelligence).

Artificial intelligence is everywhere, and it impacts our lives deeply here is a list of 5 artificial intelligence examples in daily life that we use every day.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Before knowing how artificial intelligence actually works, we should know what it actually is.

Essentially it is a method by which electronic devices such as computers or mobile phones

can work on the provided data via statistical analysis, which in turn enables it to analyze, learn and understand from the given data through critically designed algorithms.

Artificially intelligent machines can remember the response and behavior sequence or patterns, which enables them to work in a particular way in response to the provided data.

AI can suggest changes only by analyzing our requirements which we happen to provide in subsequent times, and they turn out to be the artificial intelligence examples in daily life.

The foremost important technologies which constitute AI are deep learning, machine-building, and natural language processing.

Deep learning is an advanced kind of Machine learning because via representation learning can be done, but no data structure requirement is needed.

Machine learning is the way by which electronic machines can learn how to respond in a better way which is based upon big data sequence sets and the various feedbacks from human users and algorithms.

Natural language processing (NLP) is a language-based tool in the field of computer science. It helps machines to understand, read and interpret human language.

Natural Language Processing allows electronic devices in order to interpret human language into computer language.

The Top 5 Artificial Intelligence examples in daily life

Here is the list of top 5 Artificial Intelligence examples in daily life that you must have come across in daily life.

1.  Maps and Navigation

AI has made drastic improvements for traveling purposes. Nowadays, one can easily get access to online maps with the facility of voice-over navigation and proper direction guide on roads.

Waze, Google, or Apple Maps on our phones enable us to get access to the directions for our destination.

These map applications always know where to go, how to go, the most viable and optimal routes, road barriers, and congestion in traffic.

Earlier, only satellite-based GPS was available but in recent times AI has been incorporated in order to give the map users a much more smooth experience.

2.  Face Detection and Recognition

Among all the examples of artificial intelligence in daily life, this is very relatable.  We often take selfies on our phones and while taking pictures we also use visual filters in order to enhance our beauty.

Our phones have AI inbuilt in them, they recognize our faces by using our face ids and then enhance our appearances by using the right filter, and by incorporating correct adjustments which make our snaps look perfect.

Facial Recognition is also availed by government facilities, airport security, mall, or anywhere needed. AI-based facial recognition techniques are used in order to recognize a specific face.

3.  Text Editors or Autocorrect

AI-based algorithms use deep learning, machine learning, and natural language processing in order to identify the various incorrect usages of language and the text editors also suggest corrections in various pdf, writing apps, texting apps, word processors, and every other written medium, etc.

Various language-based linguists, computer engineers, and analysts teach machines with proper grammar, just like how we are taught at schools.

The algorithms of the correct usage, understanding of language, and detection of minute errors are taught by using critical techniques and programming.

These editing apps are done in such a way that even when a comma is placed incorrectly, then also the applications detect these errors.

4.  Digital Assistants

When we are busy doing multiple jobs, then we use our digital assistants for performing our tasks on our behalf.

If anyone wants to call a person by ordering its virtual assistant like Siri, then the AI will identify the name of the person who is to be called and will access your contacts and search for that particular name and call that person.

With the help of technologies such as NLP, ML, statistics, and various other algorithms- these VAs think and decide what the user might be asking for. Finally, based upon their understanding, they try to deliver the best output to the user.

5.  Social Media

Social media platforms also use AI in order to monitor their content, suggest proper connections, and also serve appropriate advertisements for the targeted users.

These platforms by using AI make a user stay glued to the social networking site for hours. This is one of the most important artificial intelligence examples in daily life.

Here in this article we have shared the list of the top 5 uses of artificial intelligence examples in daily life. We hope you have liked this article and it has increased your knowledge.