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Top 5 Games Like Slime Rancher – Most Popular Life Simulation Adventure Games



Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher is one of the unique games that gained huge appreciation. The way it uses farming and breeding mechanics to challenge the players is phenomenal. 


In this game, the farm players have to feed and raise slimes. Besides that they can expand their farm accordingly. 


The game is interesting by all means that keeps the player entertained. But if you have had enough of slime Rancher. 


Then you must be looking for something similar to that. Here are some of the top games just like Slime Rancher that you can play.

  • Farming Simulator 15 


Are you looking for something more exciting than Slime Rancher? Farming Simulator 15 is here. 


This game allows single players as well as up to 16 multiplayers to enjoy the realistic series. The game comes with a lot of adventure and hard work with the farm. 


From taking care of the animals, to using thousands of farm machines and vehicles everything is on your shoulders. The game also allows the player to manage the forest area. 


Players can trade woods to purchase machinery. If you have always wished to work outdoors, then this game is perfect for you.

  • Stardew Valley


The farming simulators did their best to compete with Slime Rancher. They came up with another most creative and interesting game called Stardew Valley. 


Here the players can build their own farm leaving the city life behind. You can renovate the inherited property step by step. From recreating the building, cutting down the trees, to growing plants, everything can be done. 


The game also allows the player to be a part of the local community. There is even a twist added to this game. You can go on adventures to kill monsters and  collect treasures too.

  • Harvest Moon : Light of Hope 


Ever thought what you would do if you were the last person in the world? Well then Harvest Moon : Light of hope is here. The game starts where the player is washed off ashore on an island. 


This island has no one except the player and Doctor Jeanne. As you explore, you will find the town is totally damaged and ruined.  From here you need to take on the challenge to restore it. 


As a player, you have to renovate the building, raise animals, go mining and more. The motive is to bring the lost glory of the town back. 


As you move, completing each task, you can also win the hearts of the locals. The game leaves no chance to make you feel relaxed and engaged.

  • Grow Home 


Another exciting game that is perfect for Slime Rancher fans is Grow home. The sensational graphics of the game will make you feel mesmerized. This game starts where the player has to travel through the galaxy. 


They have to collect new species of plants along with other items. There is also a special plant called the Majestic Star plant. 


If you are lucky enough to find it, then nothing can stop you from traveling. This is because the Majestic Star plant expands its branches for the players around the planet. All you have to do is run, climb, and do whatever it takes to save your home.

  • Farm For Your Life


Everything that a Slime Rancher fan wished can be found here. This Farm For Your Life game starts with creating your own character and becoming a leader. 


You have to make sure that your people can work hard for their survival. As a leader, you would have to harvest the crops and make meals.


The duty does not end here. You have to manage the farm as well as a restaurant so that your companions can get food. 


Besides that, you even have to take care of the farm from the zombies. You can use all your creativity here and guard your things against these deadly creatures. 


Final Words


The developers have successfully managed to bring something to compete with Slime Rancher. These above-mentioned games bring more adventure than just taking care of the farm. 


From managing the companions to killing the zombies, these games are a perfect way to keep yourself engaged. Similar productions to Slime Rancher have managed to keep the players entertained.