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A Study On Advertising Effectiveness

A brand advertises its products and services to entice prospective customers. Advertising is an age-old marketing strategy to increase the outreach for brand promotion.

In ancient markets, merchants used drum roll and loudspeaker announcements by moving from one place to another to announce their presence and advertise their wares. As newspapers made way, they gave space to advertisers. Print media is still a prevalent medium for advertising. Now, with the rise in social media platforms and the reduced attention span of consumers, it is imperative to measure the advertising effectiveness of an ad campaign.

Advertising Effectiveness

Advertising effectiveness helps connect with a consumer who may not be using the product and intrigues them to know more about the product. In this manner, greenfield sales are made and the business scales up its growth. An effective advertisement needs to be the primary goal of the campaign account manager and their team.

Effective advertisements have many benefits that can be translated into immediate and future sales. Here are some of the benefits of an effective advertisement.

  • Emotional connection

A brand must connect with its consumers. Emotional cords remain in the realms of memory for a long time. The most effective advertisement that influences a particular person is about a product that they remember for more than five years. Every person can resonate with a favorite ad. And surprisingly, the person may have never used the product in the past, but because of the long-term effect, there is every possibility that it will be used whenever there is an opportunity as the advertisement has stuck with them.

  • Brand image

A brand’s image is built over time series. There are many highs and lows that a company sees before witnessing the success of its goodwill spreading even before the launch of a new version of the product.

Few brands even destroy excess products that have not been sold to maintain the luxury element of a brand. This step is taken to avoid dilution of money or allow a discounted rate for their products. This practice is prevalent, especially for brands that enjoy a premium value in the market for their new merchandise. Effective advertisement plays a crucial role in building and maintaining brand image.

Studies for advertising effectiveness

  • Direct consumers

Prospective and paid consumers, both will have something to say about the product. The people who have used the product will review or offer feedback. And the rest will enquire about the product and yet leave information in the form of many touchpoints that will aid in forming the preface for effective ads.

Online surveys and interviews are popular methods to extract information that is useful for both marketing and product development teams. Taking feedback from consumers and making actionable decisions based on the consumer’s opinions is the best way to portray that the brand is consumer-centric and listens to its customers. Asking direct close-ended questions will help the brand with specific results that can lead to some ground-breaking marketing strategies and ideas to develop shortly. An ad’s message and relevance are noted by the consumers. It is usually stated in the feedback that is solicited by the company through survey questionnaires.

  • Digital Analytics

Most social media companies use different metrics that will help an advertiser check quantitative information related to the performance of an ad. Metrics like click-through rate, cost per click, number of impressions, and translation of impressions to record an online sale, will help in the assessment of how an ad is performing in a given campaign. Metrics like earned mention will portray the number of times the brand has been mentioned organically by other social media sites.

  • Cookies and widgets

Third-party cookies used by online websites track the number of visitors to the site and the touchpoints of each consumer. It is common for our social media news feed to be filled with a series of advertisements showcasing various brands for a particular product that one has searched for. For instance, if someone is searching for cheap air tickets, related advertisements for places to stay, the shops related to the destination place, and eating joints will be part of the news feed for the next few days. With perpetual advertising, a brand can end up winning even consumers who have a thick resolve not to spend also in buying stuff.

Third-party cookies help in identifying the visitors to a particular website. It is a method to use for targeting and driving the consumer to related products. It also results in influential marketing whereby consumers may buy stuff as they are convinced to buy from a particular store or a brand.

How to create an effective advertisement?

Advertising is the only information that a consumer may have in most circumstances. Even though consumers may not know what exactly they are looking for, the big support structural reasons will always remain the same. These reasons are also known as the 4 E’s of advertising and they are

  • Experience
  • Everywhere
  • Exchange
  • Evangelism

The consumer is looking for the best experience when they are buying a product. The product should be easily available everywhere and in exchange for the money that a consumer gets from a brand matters a lot. Lastly, brands are supposed to educate people about the features and other important aspects of a product under marketing evangelism tenets.

The brand should reiterate the experience that is created for the end-users and showcase what it brings to the table. Knowing how much the brand users are willing to part for a given amount of money is known as the exchange.


Sales are dependent on marketing and advertising. Making world-class products is the main reason why a brand’s image will increase through word of mouth. However, it takes effective advertising to make any brand a cult that needs to be followed to be in focus. Brands should never ignore their advertisements. Hence it is also necessary to keep the ads simple and sans terminology that is difficult to understand.