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How To Clear The Cache in Your Internet Browser?



How To Clear The Cache in Your Internet Browser

Imagine this.

Your computer has started running too slowly, and you have no idea why this is happening to you. So, you go to a shop, and they ask you to “clear your computer’s cache.”

And you’re like, “okay, what?”

Honestly, though, it’s a common scenario not to know about a computer’s cache. After all, it falls into the technical side of things, and it’s okay if you’re not interested in that.

However, that doesn’t mean you’ll simply ignore the growth of cache in your computer. Or else, it can affect your PC in ways you can’t even imagine.

What’s A Browser Cache?

Before we start talking about how to clear the accumulated cache on your computer, let’s learn a little about them first.

So, a browser cache is a type of file that’s used to store or keep downloaded resources from the sites you’ve visited recently. The list of common types of caches can include –

  • Text content.
  • Images.
  • HTML.
  • JavaScript, and
  • CSS.

Typically, the size of a browser cache file tends to be pretty small. However, if you don’t regularly clean them regularly, they’ll start accumulating and make it difficult for you to work on your browser. In extreme cases, it may lead to frequent browser crashes.

Why Should You Clear The Caches?

Clearing the cookie or cache from a web browser is considered to be a critical first step for any type of troubleshooting. By deleting them, you can –

  • Speed up your browser and computer.
  • Clear up the clutter.
  • Avoid the breakages in the internet connection.

Aside from this, clearing the caches can also help you reduce the “load” from your PC. In addition, it can decrease the pressure from your GPU and increase its life a little more. While you can manually clean the cache memory of each software tool you are using, you can make this process easy by using a Cache memory cleaner.

A cache memory cleaner tool helps the user clean all the cache memory of the system and software tools with just a single click. Click the pirate bay to download the cache memory cleaner tool.

Clearing Your Browser Cache – A Guide

Clearing your browser can vary depending on the tool you’re using. Hence, in this section, we have talked about more than one program to help you out with everything. Hopefully, it will help you get as much information as you need.

Google Chrome 

Clearing your browser’s cache in Google Chrome is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is follow the below-mentioned tips, and voila!

  • Firstly, click on the “Tools” menu. It’s represented by a three-dotted line available in the upper-right corner).
  • Now, tap “history” and click “Clear browsing data.” It can be found on the left side of your browser.
  • After that, you’ll have to change the time range to “all time.” Also, don’t forget to check-mark “cookies and other site data” for deep-cleaning.
  • Finally, click on “clear data” to complete the procedure.

Don’t forget to close your Google Chrome and open the same again. Otherwise, it’ll not save the changes you’ve made recently.

Mozilla Firefox

If you’re using Mozilla Firefox, you’ll have to use the following tips to get the job done.

  • Click on the “Tools” option. It’ll be available on the top-right corner of your display and is represented by three diagonal dashes.
  • After that, tap on “options.” If you are using Mac, you’ll find it labeled under another name, “preferences.”
  • Try to find “Privacy & Security” on the left menu and tap on the “clear data” option. Now, you’ll have to select both options before hitting “clear.”

If you’re using Windows, don’t forget to re-open Firefox to save the new changes.

But, if you’re working on an Apple device, you’ll have to click on the “quit” option to make the changes take effect.

Final Thoughts

The other browsers follow the same rules when clearing your net browser. However, if it doesn’t work out the way you wanted it, make sure to comment on your problem below. Visit an expert and tell them about the problem you’re having. Formatting your computer can help.

Also, before we go, if you think we’ve missed something, don’t forget to let us know about it. We’ll definitely add it the next time we edit the article.

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