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How To Create Random Gaming Profiles Using A Fake Address Generator?



Create Random Gaming Profiles Using A Fake Address Generator

Gamers are a group that prefers their privacy. But can fake address generators help them?

Experts estimate that by 2025, gamers around the globe will make up 2 billion of the world’s population. On top of that, Steam estimates that around 26 million gamers play every day using their platform alone.

But, amidst all the busy days playing games, the one thing that gamers prefer is their privacy. That’s why gamers use their screennames, which are usually called gamer tags. So, can a fake address generator help with it?

On top of that, is it even legal to use an entirely made-up address or identification to sign up for such platforms? Let’s find out.

What Is A Fake Address?

A fake or bogus address is something any online user employs to conceal their own identity. While it has some unethical uses, most people use this technique to secure their identities and personal information.

A fake address is usually made up but sounds very real. Therefore, a location in Ohio might be put as a user’s address. But in reality, that address may not exist at all. This technique of bogus addresses has become more common in the past decade.

Especially since phishing or scamming went at its peak. That’s why it’s a common practice used by gamers to conceal their own identity. Usually, these fake addresses also involve other important info, such as:

  • Fake names and family background;
  • Fake phone number and email;
  • Fake address and identification numbers (Social security numbers).

Therefore, it’s no wonder these are some of the most common practices by online users, as it helps them prevent their real identities from leaking. However, at the same time, it also causes a lot of headaches for the authorities. That’s why it’s important to use such bogus addresses responsibly.

Why Should You Use Fake Address In A Gaming Profile?

The Internet is full of people who can dox you. It’s an unethical practice that some people to leak their private or personal information by searching up a person’s name. That’s one of the many reasons many people don’t use their real names on online platforms.

As a gamer, you might sign up for platforms that might have many such people. Anyone tech savvy can easily look you up and leak information about you. So, to avoid that, yes, you should use a fake address and name in gaming profiles.

By doing so, you’re protecting not only your own identity but also of those connected to you. It happens a lot of times when bitter gamers dox other users. The worst end of the stick is usually aimed at professional gamers or streamers—as they tend to be victims of swatting.

Therefore, it’s only fitting that you use a profile like this to ensure nobody does the same to you or harasses you online or in public.

How To Create Random Gaming Profile Using A Fake Address Generator

Now that we know a few key things let’s talk about making a profile to help conceal your identity. Here’s how to do it:

1.    Use A Fake Address Generator.

The first thing you’ll do is a fake address generator. We’re using this one from PrePostSEO, as it’s one of the best at generating necessary information. Plus, it has an exceedingly easy UI design.

Fake Address Generator

Now, the reason for using a tool is that it will help you save a lot of time. Plus, it’ll generate relevant information according to the country you pick.

2.    Generate The Address

The next step is to generate the address using the tool that you’ve picked. You will get some key information, such as:

  • Personal details;
  • Internet & online details;
  • And employment details.

So, it would end up looking like this:

Generate The Address

So, if you’ve made gaming profiles before, you know that this information is more than enough to help you get started.

3.    Use The Information In Gaming Profiles

The final step is to use the information that you’ve generated. This information would be more than enough in most cases, such as a Google account, steam profile, or Epic Games. But, make sure you’re paying up using a real credit card if payment is required.

Is Using Fake Address Illegal?

The simple answer is no, it’s not. If it was illegal, it would have been banned. However, it’s unethical to use this information for the wrong purposes. If you’re planning to use fake names or addresses to scam people or make fraudulent profiles, then don’t.

Websites like Facebook, Steam, and other social networks are protected by NSA laws. Therefore, regardless of your unethical approach, you can still be caught. The only reason you should ever use fake names or addresses is to protect your own privacy.


These are some of the key factors to know about random gaming profiles and how you can make one. So, keep your intentions clear and use a viable generator to help you come up with a thorough profile. Then, use that on your desired platform.