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How To Get The People Information For Your Peace Of Mind And Safety



How To Get The People Information For Your Peace Of Mind And Safety

Watching Netflix shows like the Tinder Swindler and Inventing Anna may make you think twice about trusting anyone. If you are really worried about someone or need to track someone down, you can do a people search using Public Records. You can get the people information you need, find people, or do a background check to see if it raises any red flags.

Let’s look at where you can conduct a person search and find the information you need.

What Is a People Search?

A people search involves looking through public records to find any information publicly available about a specific person. This can include their property tax information, licensing information, jail or sex offender records. Not all government bodies hold records and some information is considered private and confidential. You may need to supplement your people search by using other tools like social media or a search engine. You can conduct a public record search containing social media and search engine information on

Which Information Isn’t Public?

You can’t look up someone’s tax returns, library records, juvenile court records, documents containing trade secrets, or school records. However, you can find out a lot about someone thanks to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). This act allows anyone to submit a public records request from a government agency. The request cannot be refused and must be delivered in a timely manner.

Where To Find Information

Let’s look at the information you can find and where to start. Note that some sites and government institutions will charge a small fee for using their services, whether you end up with a positive result or not.

Court Records

All federal court records can be accessed online, including Federal civil court cases, criminal charges, bankruptcies, etc. You can use a government site like PACER, but there is a small fee attached. The site is pretty difficult to use, so you might want to turn to an easier, more modern website.

Bankruptcy Records

When you are doing business with someone, you want to examine their history (if it exists) with bankruptcy. A past bankruptcy may reflect badly on their creditworthiness. All bankruptcies are heard in Federal Court, so you can find them on a public record site.

License Searches

You can find licenses for pilots and radio operators online, as with any licenses issued by a Federal agency. Use the FCC website/FAA airmen website to find this, or good public records search engine.

Arrest Record

Arrests are usually maintained by the county sheriff or local police unless state police were involved. This can be accessed through paid background checks unless your state has a searchable online database of criminal history information.

Sex Offender Information

Sex-related crimes, kidnapping, or crimes against minors are registered and can be searched online by members of the public. You can also search for non-compliant offenders that do not stick to the rules they are required to follow. Sex offenders need to let the system know if they’ve changed addresses.

Births, deaths, divorces, and marriages

Birth, death, divorce, and marriage information is kept and maintained by the county clerk where the event happened. Not all states allow this information to be made public, especially birth and death certificates.

Real Estate Information

Real estate information like mortgages, ownership, deeds, and taxes is maintained by the county assessor and is usually searchable online. Liens can be found at the Secretary of State’s office.

Corporation and LLC Ownership

Some states make this information available through the Secretary of State’s office.

Where Do You Start?

The best way to start your people information search is to use a trusted online search platform like This saves you the hassle of going to various courthouses and offices and sifting through paper records. Try to find out as much information as you can before beginning your search, including the full names, maiden names, addresses, and contact information for the person you are looking for.

A people search doesn’t have to be a time-consuming, manual process. With the right online platform, you can find what (and who) you are looking for within a few minutes.