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What Is the Final Step in The Strategic Human Resource Management Process?



What Is the Final Step in The Strategic Human Resource Management Process?

If you have not heard about the strategic management process, then know that the final step of it includes the monitoring stage. This stage can be defined as a process where one can check and keep a track of their progress.

The main focus of this step is to find out if the strategies implemented were effective or not. But before we jump to the main part, let’s just find out what the human resource management process is.

What is the strategic management process?

What is the strategic management process? According to the experts, it is the process of developing and building strategies that are known as HR programs. The main goal of this process is to resolve the challenges that a business faces.

Moreover, it is important to let you know that there are five stages of management in the strategic human resource process.  So without any further ado, let’s walk together and check out in order about what the steps of the strategic-management process are”.

The five stages of the strategic human resource management process!!

Strategic management process steps

In order, the steps of the strategic-management process are given below:

  • Goal setting

Wondering what is the first step in the strategic management process? Well, it is Goal setting !! Be it a business organization or in personal life, a person cannot find solutions to a problem until and unless they understand the real challenge.

This is because before any organization sets itself up, they have a goal in mind established already. On the other hand, the goods and products in the business are supposed to serve as a solution for you.

One needs to build strategies after understanding clearly what is strategic management process so that the problems can be fostered.

However, it is recommended to consider one issue at a time so that both internal and external factors are taken care of. Also, remember to compare the issues to the business’s goals and make sure that everyone in the team is on the same page.

  • Research and analysis

After you know about what is the strategic management process, it would not be difficult to understand its second part. Once the idea has been gathered about how you would be tackling the issue, now you have to research the things happening in the organization.

In simple words, this second strategic management process step can be known as competitor analysis. While the whole team is looking for ways to establish smart strategies, you can try and be productive by researching what your competitors are trying to do.

This will help you find out the solutions they are implementing in their organization to resolve problems. You are not recommended to copy them, but follow their ideologies and make a smart decision.

  • Ideation

The third step in the strategic management process is ideation. This comes right after you have analyzed what your competitors are focusing on. It would not just help you to establish ideas but also pick the successful ones.

However, it is recommended for your own in-house team to develop your own strategies instead of depending on theirs. Once your team focuses on this, they would be able to get their hands on skyrocket strategies that can leave the competitors behind.

Being one of the primary components of a strategic management process, ideation helps to get strategies in diverse forms as it comes with no manual.

For instance, you can go up live on social media platforms to gain more customers or simply choose to lower the price of the products to boost sales. Just make sure to be flexible as possible as rigidness brings nothing but loss.

  • Implementation

Once the team has come up with smart strategies, you should not wait any longer and keep them piled up in sheets to make the strategic management process much simpler. Make sure to implement them as soon as possible to save your organization from losses

For instance, one of your strategies could involve broadcasting adverts. But assuming that you already have the best channels in hand. So now you are planning to broadcast everything by airing on the implementation stage of the strategy management process.

In this case, you can ask your audience to listen to the adverts on the different stations. Once you implement the strategies masterfully, they would somehow help you to get closer to receiving positive results.

  • Evaluation and monitoring

As mentioned earlier the final stage and the major components of the strategic management process are evaluating and monitoring. This is the stage where you have to check out if the strategies are going to be successful or not.

Recall the example that we stated earlier about broadcasting the adverts? Did it work? Has it helped you to gain more customers? In case the solution has not helped you in any way, then make sure to come up with other strategies to tackle the issue.

This stage of the Strategic process management does not degrade your hard work or the time you spend coming up with the plans. Rather it prioritizes learning and helps you understand if a strategy is not working, it should not be used again.

What are the benefits of the human resource management process?

The following part will help you know the benefits of the human resource management process. So let’s walk through them

  • Gaining profitability and branding- the first benefit of human resource management is that it helps to gain profitability and in the branding process for the organization.
  • Client expectations- it helps an organization to come up with strategies so that the expectations of the customers can be met without any room for disappointment.
  • Hiring process – human resource plays a major role in the hiring process as it digs out great talents during the research stage who can be beneficial for the organization.

The goal is to have the best ones in the team to make sure the company reaches its desired success.


1.)What are the five stages of the strategic human resource management process?

The five stages of the strategic human resource management process include goal setting, research and analysis, ideation, implementation, evaluation, and monitoring.

2.)What do you mean by human resource strategies?

Human resource strategies can be described as those ideas which are developed during the idea stage.

Its main goal is to achieve the main goals of an organization and tackle the challenges accordingly.

3.)What makes strategic management so important?

The main goal of strategic management is to make sure that both the employees and employers are working as a team.

It ensures that everyone should be on the same page while working on a project.