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Top 5 Games Like Escape from Tarkov



Escape from Tarkov

People love how they have been experiencing adventure through video games. One of the most enjoyable games is Escape from Tarkov. This first-person shooter video game with action role-playing combined gives an immense thrill. The complexity of this game has always been unbeatable.

From loot supplies to upgrading the base operations and shooting Scavs, the game is totally incredible. If you have played Escape from Tarkov and are looking for a similar experience, then you are at the right place. Here are some of the top FPS games that you should check out.

  • Vigor

The first game in our list similar to Escape from Tarkov is Vigor. In this game, the third-person looter looks for crafting materials. They also loot the dead bodies of the victims. The game begins where the looter just has their fist.

Then they go around to search for weapons and gear in abandoned homes. Just like Escape from Tarkov, the players are allowed to take quests and create bases when they are inactive.

As time passes, the players can develop new skills as well. If you enjoyed how you robbed the hard-earned loot of the players, then Vigor is the perfect game to play.

  • DayZ 

Another exciting game that is a great alternative to Escape from Tarkov is DayZ. The only rule here is to fight and stay alive. As a player, you have to find your way to live and fight against humans infected by deadly viruses. You need to pick food, weapons, water, and anything that can keep you alive.

There is also a fictional location called Chernarus. Here chances of encountering other players are less. It is important to know as a player that other players are even more dangerous and unpredictable compared to the zombies.

The players have to manage both zombies and humans. If you have loved the atmospheric tension of Escape from Tarkov, then this game is worth a try.

  • Miscreated 

If you liked how you survived in Escape of Tarkov, then give this game a try. This game is all about searching for items that can help you to live. Besides scavenging for survival items, another threat involved is the enemies.

These enemies leave no chance to chase the players down. This means you always have to be ready to fight. The main motive of the enemies is to stop the players from collecting items. With captivity and frustration in the tense atmosphere, this game will make you fight for your survival.

  • Deadside 

Another game that will make you feel thrilled is Deadside. This survival shooting game is all about gathering loot and materials. Unlike Tarkov, the player here can still get back all the items from their corpse. Just try to make it before another player grabs it.

Deadside also offers to light and crafting base to the players. After collecting the items, players can easily construct a tower anywhere on the map. But there would be a group of players targeting you as well. So try to be aware of the threats every second. If you think you are smart enough to survive, then this game deserves a try.

  • Hunt: Shutdown

Have you always wanted to be a dark fantasy shooter? Then Hunt: Shutdown would be a great choice. Here the players compete with each other to kill the evil creatures and take their home. The players can hunt solo, or in a group as per their wish.

They have to collect clues, set traps so that these evil creatures can be killed. Another twist added to this game is, there is a scarcity of ammunition. This means every bullet is worth it. If you have been familiar with the thrill of the hunt that Escapes from Tarkov offers. Then you can easily know how much fun playing this game can be.

Final Words

The fans of Escape from Tarkov, look for realistic shooting games. These above-mentioned games leave no chance to bring thrill and excitement. With every step you take, there is a challenge to encounter.

You will always find something that will make you stuck. It totally depends on how far you can go to survive by choosing these games.