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Vivo Company Belongs to Which Country? Vivo Made in Which Country? Is Vivo Chinese Company?



Vivo Made in Which Country

You must have come across the popular brand of mobile phones, smartphone accessories, and software named Vivo. Well, of course, because the brand has taken over the technology market popularly in the past few years.

It would not be incorrect to say that you are also familiar with the fact that Vivo Communication Technology Co. Ltd is a Chinese technology company which is based in Dongguan, Guangdong.

But still, the question arises like Vivo made in which country? Is Vivo Chinese company? And all such things.

As a buyer, there are so many confusions and questions that can come to your mind. Hence, here in this article, we have decided to disclose all those.

Vivo is a Chinese company that creates software for its phones which is sold through the V-App Store. It is a self-contained company that creates its own products and has more than 10 thousand people working under it in Shenzhen, Guangdong, and Nanjing.

The brand has shown interest in India’s diversity by partnering with popular shows like Comedy Nights with Kapil, MTV Roadies, MTV Bollyland, and more.

Besides that, it has partnerships with other shows like Koffee with DD, Extra Jabardast, Majha Talkies, etc. The brand’s major focus and the motive remained in reaching out to everyone in India and looks forward to forming more partnerships.

Vivo is Chinese company that aligns well with the Made in India Initiative and has created the company’s first assembly plant in Greater Noida.

This would create enormous employment opportunities which would support Vivo’s success in a long term goal.

It would not be wrong to say that Vivo is a Chinese company that has taken the international route already.

It has been accepted in many countries like India, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and more. It made its first debut in 2014 in India.

Within a few months, the company managed to establish itself as hi-fi and a smart brand. Thus, it has managed to serve Indian customers in more than 300 cities and all of the states of India.

Vivo is made in which Country? Where does it come from? 

The question always arises among the buyers like Vivo is made in which country? Is Vivo a Chinese company?  

This has created chaos among the buyers and there’s no accurate answer found. However, there’s no need to wonder anymore.

This article will help you to understand everything in detail. Also, it will clear your questions “Vivo is made in which country? Is Vivo a Chinese company? And so on.

Basically, to inform you again, Vivo is a Chinese company, based in Dongguan, China. It is also a parent company of BBK electronics which is known to be a Smartphone manufacturer where other brands like Oppo, Realme, and OnePlus are a part of it.

On the other hand, BBK Electronics is a Chinese technology company that is owned privately.

However, Vivo is the major Smartphone brand among them that provides affordable high-tech Smartphone devices.

This brand Vivo is a Chinese company and comes with a wide range of Android devices including Vivo X50 pro, Vivo Z1 Pro, and more.

If you have read until here, then guess you have discovered the answers to your questions “Vivo made in which country? Is Vivo a Chinese company?

Is Vivo made in China? Is it Chinese Company? 

Yes, Vivo is a Chinese company, indeed and has become successful even in countries outside China. It is based in Dongguan, Guangdong which is in China.

However, unlike other brands, it does not have to do much with China as the sales have proceeded from India itself.

Not to mention, the company has hired mostly Indian engineers to carry out their operations and also owns a manufacturing unit in India.

The History behind the Smartphone brand Vivo!!

Guess you already know about Vivo made in which country? Or is Vivo a Chinese company? But to make things easier for you it is better to turn the pages backwards and understand its history.

Vivo was founded back in 2009 and was selling its phone in China only. Later, the brand decided to extend its reach in a few more countries.

Basically, Vivo is among the top 10 Smartphone brands with a global market share of 2.7 per cent. Moreover, it has gained immense popularity and growth internationally after 2014.

The brand started selling its smart phones in places as stated down below.

  • Russia
  • Myanmar
  • Philippines
  • Thailand
  • Macau
  • Cambodia
  • Bangladesh
  • Laos
  • Hong Kong and more.

In 2020, it started selling its products in Europe as well. Vivo and Zeiss also announced a long term strategic partnership to promote breakthrough innovation in mobile imaging technology.

On the other hand, Vivo is a technology company that makes great products with a design-driven value.

Here one more thing is important to mention and that is the affordability it offers. Most of their devices are easily affordable by ordinary people and that is how they’re able to cater for the needs of the masses through their user-friendly and trustworthy products.

Their main focus is on smart devices and intelligent services. They made their first smartphone with a truly bezel-less display and elevating from front camera and in-display fingerprint scanning technology.

Also, the thinnest hi-fi embedded smartphone in the world is one of their prime inventions that has made their first footprints in the world of innovation.

Vivo has five manufacturing hubs including China (Dongguan), India, Bangladesh, Indonesia and China (Chongqing).

Apart from making smartphones, it also sells audio devices like Vivo TWS Neo earbuds, Vivo Watch, and more.

Therefore, they are looking forward to expanding their collection into areas like fitness trackers, tablets and over-ear headphones so that the world can enjoy exceptional innovations with their amazing products.

Do Vivo, Realme, OnePlus and Oppo belong to the same company?

Yes, and No, both the answers are considered in this matter. Vivo, OnePlus, Realme and Oppo, share resources with BBK electronics which is China’s largest consumer electronics manufacturer. But just, for this reason, we cannot consider them as the same company.

BBK Electronics was established back in 1998 and has been active in many electronic industries of China.

It was founded by Duan Yongping who made billions from a gaming console called Subor after which he founded Bubugao (now known as BBK).

BBK electronics developed and designed MP3, DVD, CD players besides other household materials and launched them into the world market successfully.

Is Vivo manufactured in India? 

By this time, you already know the answer to these questions like “Vivo made in which country,” and “Is Vivo a Chinese company”? 

But the truth is, it is also manufactured and assembled in India. The focus was to align the brand with the “Make in India” initiative besides creating employment opportunities as well.

It soon became a popular Smartphone brand in India with a focus on camera and music. The manufacturing location was chosen in Greater Noida that soon became the hub of offline and online supply of its products all over India.

Are Vivo Smart phones good for use?

Vivo Smart phone

Guess you are planning to purchase a Vivo Smartphone. Because if you are, it is your main prerogative to know if the phone would be worth it or not.

Well, Vivo phones are extremely worth it and BBK is now bigger than Apple and Huawei. The brand makes and sells a lot of phones which is proof of their outstanding success.

Vivo was also quick to adopt the 5G technology and is known for its great cameras. It is guaranteed that no matter which phone you buy, the Vivo camera quality is superior to any.

The users never have to worry about storage when it comes to Vivo phones as most of them come with 128 GB internal storage. These phones come with great features and there is always something excellent to check out for.

Other than that, they also come with in-screen fingerprint sensors. The sleek design and the high-definition display quality is also unmatchable.

Apart from this, the major reason behind people choosing Vivo over any other is the cheap price.

Even the 5g models are available at reasonable rates for people coming from different backgrounds, sharing diverse mindsets.

The brand has phones available that fit any budget and offers huge selection options to the customers.

So if you are a techie, then purchasing a Vivo Smartphone is definitely going to be a great choice for you.

Thus, some of the best-selling Vivo phones include Vivo V20 SE, Vivo V20, Vivo V20 Pro, Vivo Y20 and Vivo X50 Pro 5g which are still running successfully.

Who owns the Vivo Smartphone Company? 

The Vivo Company is owned by BBK electronics which is the world’s largest manufacturer of smart phones. It is known to have a 19 per cent market share in 2020.

Other than that, Vivo, Realme and Oppo are considered to come under the same manufacturer and the brand sold nearly 260.7 million units that gave tough competition to brands like Samsung.

However, the relationship between BBK electronics and these brands are still unclear as BBK electronics always tends to stay lowkey.

Who are the CEO and Brand Ambassador of Vivo? 

The CEO, founder and president of Vivo is Shen Wei. He founded the brand back in 2011. As per sources, Jerome Chen is the CEO of Vivo India.

Nevertheless, the products are made in India but the revenue and profits go to the hometown of the brand which is China.

While the brand Ambassador of this company is Virat Kohli who is an Indian cricketer. He joined the company in the month of April and has been seen in advertisements promoting its launch.

All “Above the line” (ALT) and ” Below the line” (BLT) activities including brands upcoming TV campaigns, social media, print, outdoor will be included in the partnership.

Furthermore, in an interview, the director of the brand strategy of Vivo India named Nipun Marya said, “Vivo’s major focus remained on watering the needs and preferences of the customers so that joy can be welcomed in their lives“.

Nipun further added by saying “it is fantastic to work with someone like Virat Kohli who knows a better way to connect with the audiences. 

On the other hand, Vivo is looking forward to expanding the brand via popular personalities like Sara Ali Khan and Aamir khan. 

But the brand is also confident that sports figures will equally help in doing so“.

Where is the Manufacturing plant of Vivo India, Based? 

As mentioned earlier, Vivo is a Chinese company but has also established a manufacturing plant in India.

It is located in Greater Noida which was a Rs. 7500 crore investment in India. This facility is expected to produce about 8 million devices every year.

Whereas the current facility of this manufacturing plant is 24.9 million per unit annually and has given employment opportunities to more than 7800 people.

Besides this, the expansion plan of BBK Electronics which owns One plus has planned to hire more than 4500 people.

Therefore, according to the experts, this can lead to increasing exports in the coming years of India’s capacity expansion plan.

What is Vivo’s Net Worth?

Within a few years after entering the Indian Market, the Brand Vivo has experienced a phenomenal rise of more than 75 per cent.

Its losses have also decreased as the overall revenue has seemed to double.

The net worth of Vivo is estimated to be more than $9.75 million, however, the exact amount is still not being able to be calculated.

This net worth is calculated depending on the YouTube ad revenue only. However, it would be good to expect a net worth higher than $9.75 million.

Besides that, some sources also reported that Vivo India’s net worth can be estimated as high as $13.65 million.

According to the experts, the company’s main focus is to invest for the long term, which may take years.

But the company will surely show improvements and will positively impact holding a strong position in India.

It is also expected to see the brand sitting next to Samsung and Apple.

Wrapping it up 

Vivo is a Chinese company based in Dongguan, China that manufactures and assembles mobile phones in India as well. 

The phones are of great quality and are majorly popular for their excellent camera. 

Besides that, the net worth is estimated to be more than $9.75 million and the Brand Ambassador of the company is Indian Cricketer Virat Kohli

So if you plan to purchase a Vivo smartphone, then it is surely going to be a wise decision.